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New York City Real Estate Investing
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New York Real Estate Investment
"Could i begin life again, knowing what I now know, and had money to invest, I would buy every square inch of Manhattan." John Jacob Astor - America's first millionaire
Elika Associates specializes in New York investment properties, and as an exclusive buyer’s agency,
we offer our clients the dedication and quality research that results in smart real estate purchases.

With years of experience in risk aversion, we understand the needs of our clients and are able to
give responsive, knowledgeable real estate advisory services.

Regardless of whether you are considering residential
or commercial properties, New York City is one of the best real estate investment markets in the world. Many analysts expect median market prices in Manhattan to rise by ten to 40 percent in the next five years.

For investors, it is a classic example of strong demand and limited supply. With rising property values thanks to a growing populace, international and national interest and limited landmass, hundreds of
New York City properties provide their owners with high yields and insulation from unexpected market changes.

However, supply and demand is not absolutely consistent across the city. Investment potential varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. Even if you are considering two similar apartments in the same building, one apartment might make a better investment than the other.

Factors that will affect your investment might include:

Property type. Many co-operative apartments restrict property owners’ subletting rights. Elika agents can help you understand subletting requirements and avoid unsatisfactory properties.

Tenant. Good investment properties will attract stable, long-term tenants. You should understand how to avoid properties with high turnover.

Property statistics. Neighborhood amenities, transportation, property age and neighborhood features will affect investment potential.

Neighborhood-specific markets. Property costs, yield and capital appreciation vary from street to street and from one development to the next. When investing, you will need a real estate agent who has access to all properties and market analysis info.

Working with a NYC Real Estate Investment Expert

Before purchasing an investment property, you need as much information as possible about its long-term potential. Research and experience makes a serious difference, but you can greatly improve your investment portfolio with well-planned real estate purchases.

Elika Associates can help. Whether you already own property or you’re looking to diversify, our investment experts will help you gather accurate information that you can use to make strong decisions.

Our tailored services include:

Comprehensive Needs Analysis - In order to spend your time wisely, you will need a real estate expert who understands your goals. We gather key information before showing properties. Our dedicated agents will know which options will work well with your portfolio, and by extensively analyzing your needs, we will never waste your valuable time with unsuitable properties.

Property Selection Help - You need accurate information about properties to make an investment. Our experts work exclusively as buyer’s agents. They understand investment potential and know how to see past positive sales copy. We will always provide impartial accurate information about the properties that we show, as we have a strong incentive to help our clients avoid lukewarm investments.

Comparable Market Analysis - You also need to know how each property compares to the rest of the New York City real estate investing market. We provide a comparable market analysis, so that when you start the purchasing process, you will have confidence and complete peace of mind in your decision.

Negotiations - We will help you understand the purchasing process in its entirety. When you are ready to make an offer, we will negotiate on your behalf. Purchase price is your investment’s single most controllable variable, and by understanding your budget and goals, our experts will cut costs significantly.

Referrals - As an exclusive buyer’s agency, Elika has access to some of the top attorneys, accountants and mortgage bankers in New York. We will refer you to excellent companies that can save you money while providing top-tier services.

Diversifying your portfolio with New York real estate investments is a safe, smart financial move when you are working with a qualified agency. With unequaled knowledge of the New York real estate market, Elika Associates give you unbiased information, advice and a wealth of resources that you can use to make an appropriate purchase. Fill out the Residential Custom Search or Commercial Custom Search form start planning your investment.

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Exclusive Buyer's Agent

We are compensated as any other Broker and paid through the proceeds of the sale. Customarily, fees for real estate brokerage have been "built in" to the purchase price of the property. This means that a typical purchase will result in no additional out-of-pocket fees for you!

The question is: Would you want to pay to have someone work for you or for both you and the seller?

When an apartment sells, half of the 6% commission is paid to the real estate company that brings in the Buyer and the other half is kept by the company listing the property for sale, representing the Seller.

But when the real estate company who lists the property also brings in the Buyer, that real estate company keeps both the sides of the commission.

You may be thinking the higher the price you pay for the home, the higher our commission will be, so how does this work? We have a fiduciary responsibility to get the home at the best price for you, not the highest commission for ourselves. We know that our business expands more with satisfied clients, and recognize the long term value of their equity position.