• Design to Make Your More Apartment Sophisticated

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    By Gea Elika February 10, 2017
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    There’s never been a more exciting time to redecorate your apartment. With design trends like wall decals, bold paint, and accent pieces to spice up a dull room, you can make some minor changes that will impress your guests. Here are seven simple ways to spruce up your apartment and give it a touch of sophistication inspired by NYC’s top interior designers.

    1. Accent chairs.

    A unique chair that stands out in design and color can add an element of fun to any room. For example, a bright blue slipper chair in your living room creates a splash of contrasting color that adds fresh texture and visual stimulation. A leather wingback chair near your fireplace can become a quiet, private space that gives the room a classic feel. Accent chairs are portable as well, making them practical in that they can become extra seating anywhere in the home.


    Design to Make Your More Apartment Sophisticated

    Image by Aleka Iakovidou /Flickr

    2. Windows.

    Your window treatments can change the entire topography of your room design. They are the element that makes any living space look “complete.” There are many ways to make your windows look great and tie a room together. For example, Roman shades function like blinds, but their unique larger folds make a bold statement in any room. For another style, fine linen curtains hanging on engraved brass rods can add class and charm.

    3. New paint.

    This simple touch-up can freshen up any interior. Adding a new color to your walls can help create harmony between your furniture and decor. Diverging from standard white paint to experiment with bold colors can also make a room’s mood energetic and fun. Meanwhile, earthy tones can create a warm and pleasant ambiance

    4. Rugs.

    A great rug can tie various pieces of furniture together by becoming the focal point of the room. Consider something classic like a Persian rug that will never go out of style, or experiment with bold and modern prints that express your unique personality.

    5. Wall Decals.

    A good wall decal is a perfect compromise between a nicely painted wall and the decorative patterns of wallpaper. Decals can also showcase things you care about like favorite quotes from a book. Since these can be changed anytime, they are fun to experiment with, and they make it easy to change your interior any time.

    6. Throw pillows.

    When you want to update the look of your furniture but lack the time and money to replace it entirely, sometimes a few new accent pillows are all you need. Try out diverse patterns and colors. You will be surprised at how well they enhance your living space!

    7. Local art.

    The next time you pop into a coffee shop or small business, check for unique artwork for sale by local artists. These pieces of art can come in the form of acrylic paintings, ceramics, and fine crafts—all which make excellent decorations. If you want a conversation piece that expresses the heartbeat of your city, don’t pass up the next great piece of original art you see!


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