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    By Tyler Banfield February 28, 2017
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    NYC is great for new graduates and millennials, but it’s also a great city for growing up and starting your career, family, or both. You don’t have to be a 20-something to enjoy NYC. You just have to find the best neighborhood to enjoy living in NYC at all stages of your life.


    Neighborhoods for Millennials to Consider

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    Astoria remains a top choice for young professionals and families. It’s a neighborhood that emphasizes community and the laid-back life. If you’re not a fan of the bar scene any longer, then Astoria has quieter options for your evening, with Greek food and Italian eateries. It also offers opportunities to see great works of art, watch a play, head to the beach, and enjoy a quiet walk alone with your dog. If you have outgrown the bustle of the city and long nights at the bar, you can spend your weekend mornings at a farmer’s market in Astoria instead.


    Greenpoint is considered hip, but to be fair, it’s more like your cool, more mature older sibling. It has all the amenities of the 20-somethings neighborhoods, but it also provides class, quieter streets, and a slightly longer commute to Manhattan. This neighborhood attracts young professionals, people who are just starting out, and those a little more established in their careers. It is great for art galleries, eateries, safe neighborhoods, and outdoor recreation.

    Windsor Terrace

    If you’re tired of living like a struggling artist, or if you have moved past the living-above-a-bodega lifestyle, Windsor Terrace is a nice way to ease into suburban living. It’s close to Prospect Park for your quieter weekends, and it has easy commuting options if you work in Manhattan. It also has small shops and eateries in place of tourist attractions, which keeps the streets quiet. Many of the homes in Windsor Terrace are either row brick homes or wood-framed places with stoops and backyards.

    Boerum Hill

    Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill neighborhood is the destination neighborhood for young professionals and new and growing families. Boerum Hill has a strong, supportive community of hardworking people just like you. It has gone through a large transformation over the years and now offers places to dine out on Atlantic Avenue, safe neighborhoods for family walks on tree-lined streets, and a day trip Carroll Park. Commuting from Boerum Hill is easy with its 10 subway lines.

    The Financial District

    The Financial District is nice for those who have to commute and have a little more money to spend on rent. The Financial District doesn’t pretend to be a “cool” neighborhood, and it shies away from “trendy,” which means the 20-somethings and students stay far away. Peak hours are at lunchtime, and then it dies for a quiet night at home or a local brew or slice of pizza. The Financial District attracts tourists to its historic cobblestone streets and Manhattan skyline, but when the sun goes down, the tourists leave and the streets are quiet again.

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