Living in NYC means being surrounded by incredible architecture, delicious food, an innovative art scene and one of the most diverse populations of people in the country. It’s almost impossible to walk the streets of NYC without seeing something worth snapping a photo of. From incredible graffiti that seems to pop up overnight to the infamous NYC skyline, self-described selfie addicts can have a field day in NYC, especially in Brooklyn. Here are six awesome places to flip your phone camera around, smile and take an Insta-worthy selfie to share with the world.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

One of the most pedestrian-friendly areas in Brooklyn Heights is the promenade. All year long, this hot spot for walkers, joggers, and selfie-takers provides beautiful scenery and a relaxed atmosphere. Lined with some of the boroughs most beautiful mansions and luxury townhomes, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade feels classic and elegant, but modern and sophisticated at the same time. For full-length mirror selfies in some of the coolest boutiques in the borough, Williamsburg is the place to go, and 20 minutes from the Promenade. Streets in the area surrounding the Promenade are quiet, and tree lined, and feature gorgeous row houses and Italian inspired brownstones.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge provides the perfect combination of classic architecture, the sparkle of the sun bouncing off of the water and the Manhattan skyline in the background. The bridge is a favorite place for tourists, but head out to the middle between 11am-1pm in, and you should be able to get a pretty good shot without a whole bunch of strangers in the background. As you step off the bridge into Brooklyn, you’ll be in the small industrial neighborhood of Dumbo.

This unassuming area is home to NYC landmarks like Grimaldi’s (take a selfie with a slice of pizza bigger than your head) and admires the incredible views of the city. Dumbo is always buzzing with cultural events activities, food trucks, and offers renovated lofts overlooking the cobblestone streets. Recently, more and more high-rise condos are popping up in Dumbo, alongside mixed-use spaces. Homes here seem to fall into two categories, industrial-turned residential 1970’s era spaces, and modern high-rises. Either way, they’re the arguably the most impressive, and expensive, homes in the area

Boathouse In Prospect Park

Prospect Park is one of Brooklyn’s community gems, providing 526 beautiful acres of open spaces, sports fields, and picnic facilities. Locals love to walk, run, fish, and bike here, and New Yorkers of all ages appreciate the splash pad during the heat of the summer. The Boathouse on the lake is a popular wedding destination thanks to the gorgeous backdrop of the lake and the simple elegance of the boathouse, built in the early 1900’s.

Many Brooklyn locals choose to live in and around Prospect Park because it’s one of the last areas in Brooklyn with park views. Low rise brick buildings and historic row houses are tucked away between new developments and high rise condos. For New Yorkers always on the go, Prospect Park is easy to get to and from via subway. Real estate here is significantly more affordable than downtown Brooklyn, and you’re much more likely to look out of your condo or townhome and over one the beautiful parks in the area than anywhere else in Brooklyn.

Valentino Pier

What’s an NYC selfie without Lady Liberty? One of the best places to take a selfie in front of the Statue of Liberty is from the Valentino Pier. Nap under the tall shade trees at the entrance of the pier or catch a movie in the park during the summer. The pier has a rich history dating back to the 1600’s and feels like a quiet coastal town with sweeping views of the city. New developments offer some of the most luxurious condos in the area, combined with historical single-family homes and expansive townhomes.

As you explore Brooklyn, make sure your phone is charged, because you never know when you’re going to stumble upon a hidden gem that is perfect for your social media feed. (Did you know there are pop-up charging stations throughout the city?)  If you can’t resist a selfie with a side of Starbucks, there are 17 Starbucks stores throughout Brooklyn. You’ll find them mixed in with the vintage shops and upgraded turn of the century townhomes in Williamsburg. You’ll see them peppered throughout Bay Ridge where you’ll find authentic Irish food and compact yet sophisticated low rise apartment buildings and brownstones.

If there’s no shame in your selfie game, you’ll have a field day in Brooklyn. From the mouth-watering restaurants, artisan art fairs, gorgeous real estate, and stunning public parks, you are bound to not only fall in love with this artsy-yet-industrial borough, but you’re sure to stumble across a few great spots for the perfect selfie.


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