New York has finally shaken the last bits of winter and locals are taking to the streets to enjoy the city. In every neighborhood, there are parks to play in and street art to appreciate. Before you head to the Met, take a look around your borough and check out these four street exhibits.

Geolocation: DUMBO

Washington Street and Prospect Street, Brooklyn

The best way to see New York is through the eyes of fellow New Yorkers, or at least through their Twitter feeds. Geolocation: DUMBO wraps along 190 feet of fencing and will stay up through fall 2014. The artists, Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman, blew up photos they found on Twitter in the area and wrote the original text above them. This makes every forgotten stoop and street corner important. What first appears to be a few chairs and some shrubbery turns into the location of an adorable coffee date.

The art is sponsored by the DUMBO Improvement District, one of 65 Business Improvement Districts in New York that bring street beautification and cultural opportunities to their areas.


Ghost House

Randall’s Island Park, Manhattan

In place until November, Ghost House is meant to be more than art; it’s a gift for the community to use. This 3-D structure is made entirely of chain-link fence and is big enough to serve as a baseball field or a concert venue. Artist Kant Smith wanted to create a place in the park where people could go to meet, meditate, and have fun. Think of it as a community house that New Yorkers can use whenever they need space – just as long as it’s not raining.

This exhibit by Flow.14 features three other artists from The Bronx Museum of Art’s emerging artists program, which gives young artists in the area a chance to showcase their vision on a large scale.

Queen Mother of Reality

Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens

This statue is inspired by Dr. Delois Blakely, a U.S. Ambassador of Goodwill to Africa. In 1995, she was named Community Mayor of Harlem – the first woman to hold the position. She’s a symbol of compassion and an advocate to women, children, and the poor.

The 50-foot Queen Mother of Reality sculpture raises awareness about the homelessness problem in the area. It’s made up of bits and pieces found around the city, including scaffolding, headlights, and even hats. You’ll spend a lot of time at this sculpture taking in the intricate details.

Black Rock Negative Energy Absorber

Second Avenue and Houston Street, Manhattan

Many turn to the parks of New York City to calm down and take a break from the frustrations of life and Rudy Shepherd is working to help New Yorkers relieve their bad thoughts and feelings in his series of sculptures.

Black Rock Negative Energy Absorbers expel negative energy from people walking by. This includes any prejudice and racism or bad moods and dark thoughts. When the negative energy is sucked away, all that remains is positivity. Walking through First Park, you’ll only see the good in people, which makes New York a happier place to live.

Art is meant to inspire those around it, and all four of these pieces bring out the best in the neighborhood. From positive energy and community to the individuals who make New York strong, you’ll fall in love with the area all over again when visiting these installments.


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