Real Estate 101

Great real estate agents are worth every cent of their commission. When you get an expert who knows how to handle various complicated situations, you’ve found a professional who can lead you through one of the most significant purchases of your life. Here are some things to look out for.

1. Your agent is worthy of your trust.

In any real estate transaction, you need to absolutely trust the person handling all of the details. The right agent will exude a kind of confidence and character that will put you at ease. Never underestimate your intuition when it comes to people. If you click with your agent, this is a great sign that he or she can meet your needs.
The client-agent relationship is one that relies heavily on trust and thorough communication. Therefore, when you meet a real estate professional who returns your calls, looks you in the eye, and is transparent with every important piece of information, you have struck gold.

2. Communication is always prompt and clear.

The buying or selling process is often stressful because many factors are at stake. Perhaps you need to sell your home at the same time you’re buying another. Or, maybe you desperately need to buy in a certain neighborhood and the deal depends on a few events like the outcome of an appraisal or inspection. Whatever the issue, your ideal agent makes sure you understand everything as soon as it happens and gets your need for speedy and concise information.
Also, an agent who always keeps you in the loop understands how important this deal is to you. If he or she goes the extra mile to keep you informed through texts, emails, and phone calls, you have someone who values you as a client.

3. They’re on time without missing a detail.

Time is money, especially when schedules are tight. When your agent arrives at showings, listing appointments, and calls you back on time, you have a winner. An agent who shows up on time and is prepared with the information you need respects you and values your business.
You’re not just a generic face in their leads roster. Instead, you are a real person who has a busy schedule. They will also not waste your time but come to appointments with all the information you need to feel a peace of mind about the situation.

4. They stick up for your best interests, especially when it comes to your finances.

Ultimately, the agent who makes your financial well-being their top priority is your greatest advocate in a complicated transaction.
In the contract phase, there’s a negotiation period where the price of the property and other particulars are being ironed out. Your agent and the agent on the other side (whether it’s a buyer or seller) will be frequently communicating to arrive at a compromise that pleases both parties.
Of course, other agents will try their best to make more benefits for their clients at your expense. When your agent stands up for you and doesn’t budge on your non-negotiable terms, then you know you have a professional who truly understands how much a good deal means to your financial future.
An agent who respects your needs makes the real estate transaction go more smoothly. When you’re ready to buy a home, take your time to find the right agent who will be your best advocate, regardless of what happens.


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