Thanks to the continued surge in the New York City real estate market, there are quite a few new developments set to become available in the coming months. Here’s our roundup of five of the most notable new construction you should know about:

Brooklyn Trust Company Building

If you’ve decided that you’re going to live outside of Manhattan, there’s a lot to like about the Brooklyn Trust Company Building. Because the building has a history that dates back to 1916, it’s the perfect choice for buyers who want a blend of modern living and historical character. With apartments ranging in size from 2,200 to 3,100 square feet, this building is also very appealing in terms of space. And with prices ranging from $3.35 to $4.35 million, it’s a great option for really making the most of a budget.

247 North Seven

Surprised that this building is on the list of upcoming developments in the New York City real estate market? If you feel like you’ve heard about it before, there’s a very good chance you have. The reason is this project has faced multiple obstacles and delays for close to a decade. Despite those roadblocks, the project moved forward and is now officially on track to come to market. 247 North Seven’s apartments are actually spread out over two 7-story buildings and will range in price from $2.575 to $6.7 million.


520 Park Avenue

With a height of 54 stories and an exterior made from Indiana limestone, this building is quite the sight. Not only will 520 Park Avenue provide an incredible living experience, but it will offer wonderful residences and views that match. Topping things off is the building’s enviable location in Manhattan. As a result of everything it has to offer, it’s not surprising that prices start at $16 million and go all the way up to $83 million.


Although the building isn’t slated to be completed until 2017, residences are expected to hit the New York City real estate market in the coming months. With a total of 36 apartments, one of the traits that makes this such an interesting project it marks the first New York project of Brazilian avant-garde architect Isay Weinfeld. Not only is it his first project in New York, but he’s doing both the exterior and interior.

220 Central Park South

While 520 Park Avenue has a lot to boast about it, this building is definitely giving it a run for its money. Rumors are circulating that the building may have a penthouse that hits the market for as much as $175 million. And for the other 118 apartments spread out through this 69-story tower, asking prices will start at $12 million.
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