Many people dream of moving to the Big Apple. They picture themselves haling taxis like a pro and eating the world’s best pizza. Or imagine spotting celebs in bookstores and living in charming high-rise apartments and grabbing coffee in Central Park. But then a well-meaning (yet misinformed friend) pops their imaginary bubble, making them believe their dream of living in the city is impossible. Sound familiar? Here are five things you may have heard about New York real estate that just are not true.

It’s hard to find a home in a clean, safe, and quiet area

Part of the draw to the city is the vibrant atmosphere. There is always something to see and do. There are plenty of places to live that are close to NYC’s major attractions that are also low in crime, noise, and filth. Many New Yorkers want to experience the vastness, the busyness, the action and the hustle and bustle that New York is famous for. But they also want an option to get away. NYC offers plenty of safe, quiet and clean neighborhoods that still give off that unique New York City vibe. For some of the safest neighborhoods, check out Sutton Place in Manhattan and Battery Park City; they have even been listed as some of the best neighborhoods for families with kids.

You Have To Be Rich To Live There

Is the cost of living in NYC higher than most places? Yes. Are there one-bedroom studio apartments that sell for over a million dollars? Yes. But there are other options. It’s possible for Suzy the Art Student or Joe the Hopeful Broadway Star to live in the city. The Upper East Side and Great Kills on Staten Island rank up there for the most affordable places to live in the city. There are plenty of cheap food options, free museums to visit, gorgeous parks to explore and inexpensive arts and cultural events to attend. You don’t have to be featured on the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous to enjoy life as a New Yorker

You Can’t Trust The Movers

Packing up all of your stuff is arguably one of the most stressful parts of moving. Then add the headache of fitting it all in your car or asking friends to help get it to the new place, and it almost seems overwhelming. Hiring a professional NYC mover can make moving to the city much easier. They know how to package and move your valuables. They know the tricks of the trade to navigate narrow staircases. Do your research to make moving stress-free, and find a moving company that has solid reviews. You don’t have to do it all on your own.

All Supers Are Nightmares

A super is in charge of an apartment building. Their job is to take care of the everyday issues of an apartment complex. They do things like schedule trash pick up, handle tenant complaints, show a rental property and perform maintenance issues. Having a bad relationship with your super can make things harder for you, but they’re not all out to make your life miserable. They have a high-stress job that requires dealing with a lot of problems. For the most part, though, they are focused on making your living experience as pleasant as possible.

You can live near great schools or live in an affordable neighborhood. Not both

Living near a highly ranked school is a “must” for some families with kids moving to the city. There are private schools and specialty schools like Riverdale School that has a yearly estimated tuition of $33K, and that works for some families. For families who want a solid, free, educational opportunity for their children, however, there are options in affordable areas. Morris Park in The Bronx and Bay Ridge in Brooklyn offer great schools and affordable living for families with school-age kids.

New York is for everyone, regardless of what the haters say. If it’s your dream to live, work and play in NYC, you can make it happen. Whether you buy your first home here or find a cute place with roommates while you work to save money, nothing should stop you from experiencing NYC if its something you want to do. The New York real estate market is always growing and changing, and with a little persistence and willingness to compromise, you can make your dream of being an NYC local a reality.


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