If the address 520 Park Avenue sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve read about this building online or in a newspaper. The reason 520 Park Avenue has received so much media attention is because this address is home to the priciest apartment in New York. But even if you don’t plan on purchasing the penthouse for $130 million, there’s still a lot to like about the other thirty apartments in this building.

Standing 54 stories tall, this Indiana limestone building is a remarkable sight. With the location of its entrance at 60th Street between Park and Madison Avenue, 520 Park Avenue makes every arrival a delight. Inside the building, both guests and residents will marvel at the collection of beautifully articulated and intimate spaces that come together to form the lobby.
In New York’s competitive and crowded real estate market, finding full-floor residences can be a big challenge. But at 520 Park Avenue, every residence offers a full-floor setting. With classic layouts that boast modern touches, the experience of being in one of these residences is truly unforgettable.
Whether it’s the dining room or formal living room, entertaining spaces are accentuated with soaring ceiling heights. For personal spaces, residents can enjoy master suites that feature two en-suite master baths. Each suite also has a dressing room. Not only are the baths clad with gorgeous marble, but they offer incredible views of New York City.
Those views extend throughout the rest of the residences, and include both the Upper East Side and Central Park. When it comes to luxury, 520 Park Avenue delivers on every front. Although prices haven’t been confirmed, they’re expected to start in the $16 million range.
On the long list of what this building has to offer, its salon is first on the list. This quiet space is the perfect spot to enjoy thoughtful conversations with others. 520 Park Avenue also has a private garden for residents. Featuring classic landscaping, this relaxing space is complete with beautiful fountains.
Next on the list is the building’s immaculate pool. There’s also a fitness center with multiple exercise rooms, as well as a treatment room. The building’s suite of fitness services includes sauna and steam rooms. The list of amenities is rounded out by available storage, a wine cellar, guest suites and a children’s playroom.
As 520 Park Avenue’s official website states, the neighborhood where this building is located evokes “privacy, prestige and success unlike any other.” Amazing restaurants, elegant shopping and surroundings that include some of the city’s best pre-war architecture are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy living in this building. An added bonus of its Upper East Side location is that 520 Park Avenue is comfortable nestled between two different parks.
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