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Everyday living requires efficiency in the home. Check out these basic household items that can springboard you toward a more organized life. To make it in New York, you need:

1. A “Landing Zone” For All Your Out-Of-The-Door Essentials



When you need to get somewhere on time, you can save yourself a lot of stress by having a “landing zone” for everything you need to be out of the door in seconds. Whether it’s a hall tree, a key holder with a shelf, or a ceramic bowl on top of a console table, create a convenient place to store and retrieve all the things you need for a day out.
Hall trees are great for New Yorkers because they don’t take up a lot of space, but can keep your keys, bags, umbrellas, coats, and shoes in one place.


2. A Slim Sofa Table

slim table placed behind your sofa makes living in the technological age easier. Instead of setting your mobile devices next to your beverages on the coffee table, this extra surface provides a convenient area to place your devices.
Sofa tables can also be modified to include USB charging ports, which makes charging your phone much easier than searching for a nearby outlet. There are many tutorials online that show how easy it is to make this useful addition.


3. A Good Recycling Sorter

Being kind to the environment is important, especially as our planet becomes more populated. It’s easier to minimize your carbon footprint by making recycling simple. Consider investing in a dual compartment trash can that makes sorting a breeze. This useful household item becomes a constant and visible reminder to recycle and responsibly sort your waste.

If you want a quality product, this dual compartment can by Simplehuman allows you to sort trash and recyclables hands-free.


4. Drawer Organizers For Your Bathroom

One of the messiest places in the home is the bathroom. Keep things organized and clean with sectioned drawer organizers that can keep your shaving essentials, toothpaste, and cosmetics in easy-to-remember places. Getting ready and cleaning up after yourself will soon be quicker and less of a hassle!

5. A Laundry Bag Backpack

If you’re a New Yorker who is fortunate enough to have a washer dryer in-unit, then you should skip to number 6. However, if you need an easier way to haul your clothes to the laundromat, then a bag like this can instantly make laundry day less stressful.


6. A Soothing Sounds Machine

Sometimes, sharing walls with neighbors or living near a busy street can make urban life unbearably noisy. Instead of stressing out about noises at bedtime, drown out any ambient sounds with a white noise machine. Something as simple as this HoMedics SoundSpa can transform your neighbor’s latest lover’s quarrel into the sound of a soothing summer rainstorm.


Life in New York City can be fast-paced and stressful. However, if you add any of these six household essentials, living at home will be easier, more convenient, and more peaceful than ever.


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