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Inspired to facelift your apartment bath? If your bathroom lacks panache, you can spruce up the space and make it feel spa-like with just a few minor improvements.
Of course, if you’re gut renovating and can start from scratch, tile and fixtures will play a significant role in the overall feel. But what if you’re not in a position to renovate? Or, what if you’re living in a rental unit? These two scenarios don’t matter one bit. Check out these nine suggestions to make your bath feel like the ultimate retreat no matter the size or design.

1. Select soothing colors

If you don’t have the option of selecting materials for your bathroom, you can still paint the walls and ceiling. Soothing colors like celadon green, soft periwinkle, or muted ocean blue will automatically set up the scene for a spa-themed bath. Pass on bold hues and lean toward neutrals and calming shades.

2. Go with a white shower curtain.

Unless you have a glass shower door, you’ll need an enclosure for your tub. A white shower curtain is a must for luxury in your bath. If you really must have a pattern, go with something subtle that sports an upscale look, but preferably with a white background. But first and foremost, do yourself a favor and skip the vinyl.



3. Splurge on bath products.

Shower gels, soaps, and scrubs can make all the difference in your bath experience. Plus, usually, the bottles and packaging are attractive and can add a design element to your room depending on how you choose to display them. Don’t be afraid to get creative and organize on a shelf, table, or in a basket.

4. Use only high-quality towels.

You’ll immediately notice the difference in your bath experience if you use high-quality towels. Enclose yourself in an extra large bath sheet as you step out of the shower. A plush terrycloth robe is a nice addition too.



5. Invest in a nice rug.

You won’t want silk or a material like a sisal in an area with water, but a nice small wool or cotton accent rug will feel good under your feet and add a warm layer atop a cold bath floor. A rug is a great way to introduce a bit of color into your bath too.

6. Hang art.

I wouldn’t even consider hanging fine art in a wet area, but posters, inexpensive photos, and prints can add color, texture, or just fun in an otherwise boring bathroom. Want to keep things neutral? Stack black and white photography in simple black frames.



7. Add scented candles.

Spa-like baths play with the senses, and a fragrant candle is a lovely, relaxing way to introduce scents, as well as ambiance into your bath. Experiment with your favorites and change with the seasons.

8. Play music.

Your bath looks good and smells good, but what are you listening to while you soak in the tub? Block city noises with some relaxing songs of choice. Could be classical, easy listening, or any music that will help you decompress after a long day.

9. Keep it clean.

A clean bath is a pretty bath. And if you’ve ever visited a spa, you can probably say it was spotless. Keep your bath the same, and you’ll have a more pleasant experience every time you enter.


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