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If you want to get a rich social and educational experience for yourself and your children that’s unlike any other; it’s time to move to NYC. More specifically, Brooklyn. This is one of the most popular areas to raise a family in NYC. If you are planning to buy a new home in the city, we have compiled a list of the best schools in NYC. Whether you plan to pay tuition or not, both options still provided excellent educational opportunities for students. You don’t always have to pay tuition to get your children into good schools. Brooklyn has excellent public schools. Here is our list of the top three.

Best Public Schools in Brooklyn

1. PS 257 John F Hylan.

The John F Hylan public school is one of the highest-rated public schools in Brooklyn. The school is rich in extracurricular activities, arts programs, music, and clubs. It is often referred to as the “magnet school of the performing arts.” Children are challenged, supported, and happy when they attend PS 257. John F Hylan is for preschool-aged children through grade 5.

2. Excellence Girls Charter School.

If you live in Bushwick, the Excellence Girls Charter School is a school for girls who attend Kindergarten through third grade. The public school focuses on more than academics; it gives girls the confidence and tools to be successful through various enrichment activities and athletic programs. Reading is one of the most important missions of the school, which improves and supports literacy, creativity, and overall academic success.

3. William Alexander Middle School.

William Alexander Middle School is a highly sought-after program that focuses on art education. MS 51 is open to students who live in Brooklyn’s District 15. The middle school selected students who excelled in 4th grade and scored at least a combined 1371 on Math and ELA tests. When a student applies to the middle school, they must also excel in the interview process and submit a solid writing sample for consideration.

Best Private Schools in Brooklyn

If you want to pay tuition, Brooklyn is not short on private schools.

1. Packer Collegiate Institute.

This private high school received an overall A+ Niche rating. The school focuses on building worldly scholars that are ready for college before graduation. The Packer Collegiate has exceptional academics, diversity, and arts programs. Tuition is near $41,000 per year.

2. Berkeley Carroll School.

The Berkeley Carroll School is a school that focuses on all facets of education. The school inspires students to be intellectuals through mindful community stimulation, arts, and global thinking. Berkeley Carroll students are often sought out by the best colleges and universities domestic and abroad. The school enrolls just under 1,000 students. Tuition cost for Pre-K is between $22,000 and $29,000. Tuition for scholars from K-12 is $40,980 per year. The school has awarded more than $5 million in financial aid as well.

3. Brooklyn Friends School.

The Brooklyn Friends School is a K-12 private school with an overall A+ Niche grade. The school offers exceptional learning activities in and out of the classroom. Students are exposed to performing arts, collaborative and innovative classrooms, and a great teaching faculty. Students are encouraged to be creative artists as well as ethical and critical thinkers. Tuition ranges between $20,000 and $41,400 depending on the student’s grade.


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