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I live in a building with a full-time doorman, and admittedly, to some extent I’m spoiled. Not that I wouldn’t consider living in a non-doorman building if I found the right apartment for my lifestyle.

When I searched to buy an apartment in Manhattan, I did, in fact, look at many co-op apartments that lacked a doorman or had a part-time doorman. And, I made offers on a few of those co-ops, albeit unsuccessfully. However, the apartment in which I currently live was meant to be, and it just so happened to come with a 24-hour doorman, which was a real bonus.

Now that I’ve lived in a full-service building for eight-plus years, I can understand the importance of owning an apartment in a building with a full-time staff. Continue reading so you can understand the reasons why you should consider buying in a doorman building.

1. Doormen accept UPS and FedEx packages.

Imagine having to traipse to the UPS or FedEx pick-up facility every time you get a shipment? That would be a drag. With a doorman, you’ll never have to schlep across town to pick up your Amazon order. But rather, your doorman will receive and store your package until you return home, whether it’s that evening, or a month later if you’re traveling.

2. Announcements

A great doorman will announce your visitors. Whether Fresh Direct is in your lobby with a week’s supply of foodstuffs or your friends are on their way over for a cocktail party, your doorman will buzz your apartment to let you know who is on the way up. And of course, if you’re not home, your doorman will safely store your delivery, as I mentioned in the first point.

3. Security.

There’s something to be said for that extra level of security, particularly when you arrive home in the wee hours. Knowing it’s less likely that any seedy character would follow you into your building, let alone up to your apartment, creates a more relaxed and secure environment to live in.

4. You’ll have a tidier entrance.

Usually, doormen clean up the entrance and lobby of your building, as well as the outside. Every apartment building’s public spaces should be spotless, in my opinion, and you’ll have a great feeling every time your return home to find a fresh-smelling, sparkling clean lobby, as well as sidewalks free of trash.

5. Higher resale value.

For the reasons above, selling a unit in a doorman building will typically warrant a higher asking price than a comparable apartment in a building without staff. A full-time doorman is somewhat a luxury, and you’ll pay more for it, but you’ll reap the rewards when you go to sell.

It’s true that a good super can take care of some the items above, and some New Yorkers swear by their super. What you won’t get with a live-in super is a guest and delivery announcements, or that additional layer of security that comes with having a doorman.

Remember, in a doorman building, monthly maintenance will be more expensive than in a non-doorman building. If affordable, however, the higher costs for a full-time doorman are well worth it.


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