Famous people sell their apartments too. And sometimes, they reduce the price, take their property off the market, or accept a lowball offer. Other times, they strike gold and get a higher asking price, because they are, well, stars.

Celebrities endure the trials and tribulations of New York City real estate, however, just like the rest of us, and not every star-studded residence sells in a snap. Read on for an overview of which celebs have been buying, listing, and selling around the Big Apple in recent weeks.

Julia Roberts is selling…

This “pretty woman” owns not one, but two Manhattan penthouses. Julia Roberts has decided to list her Greenwich Village home for $4.5 million ­­–– she purchased the apartment in 2010 for $3.9. According to Stribling, the apartment is currently in contract.

For the time being, she’ll keep her Gramercy apartment for the little time she spends in the city. Apparently, Roberts lives mostly in California and New Mexico.

Ricky Martin bids farewell…

The Latin pop music prince has said goodbye to his three-bedroom NoHo condo. The 2600-square foot Bond Street apartment sold for $7.55 million, almost $2 million more than the performer paid for it in 2007. In 2013, he listed the property for $8.3 million. Way to go, Ricky Martin.

Lauren Bacall would be proud…


The Dakota will never be the same. Lauren Bacall’s digs have been snatched by a secret buyer for an unknown price. The Hollywood diva lived in the 4,000-square foot space with her husband, Jason Robards, back in the day. Originally listed at $26 million late in 2014, the most recent price was $23.5 million. Bacall obviously took great care of the apartment since most of the original details were still intact. According to the Daily News, she paid $48,000 for the flat in 1961.

Donald Trump said goodbye…


The business tycoon and presidential hopeful finally sold his five-bedroom condo at 502 Park Avenue. Listed at a whopping $35 million in 2013, then reduced to $25 million this year, the property ended up going for $21 million. That’s one hefty mortgage payment. By the way, the monthly carrying charges run $16,272, according to Curbed.

Michelle Williams is loyal to Brooklyn…

The Brooklyn actress purchased a landmarked Victorian in need of renovation in Prospect Park South. The sprawling house has a two-story porch, eight bedrooms, six baths, wood-burning fireplaces, and from photos on the Real Deal’s website, oodles of original detailing. Williams sold her Boerum Hill townhouse last year for $8.8 million, and just couldn’t bear to leave her fave borough.

Candace Bushnell is trying again…


Sex and the City author, Candace Bushnell, has put her Greenwich Village co-op back on the market. Originally listed for $2.8 million, the one-bedroom didn’t budge. She’s lowered the price to $2.645 million, and redecorated with a more neutral palette (rather dull if you ask me).

The apartment was on the cover of Elle Décor in 2005 and boasted yellow walls, bold patterns, and splashes of hot pink. How apropos for a girlie gal’s nest.


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