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If you’re on the hunt for the perfect apartment in New York City, there are some important features you should consider before making a purchase. Whether it’s a fixer-upper or move-in ready, an apartment that lacks the right features and amenities will likely never fit the bill and leave you wishing for a different pad to call home. Here are five important details to consider before buying an apartment in New York City.

1. Location

The greatest asset for any apartment in New York City is location, location, and location: a factor that’s so important, it comes in threes. Not only does a great location in the city ensure your property value stays up, it also means you’ll have a safe, walkable neighborhood to call home.

Look for homes near parks and trendy shops and restaurants on quiet streets. It’s also important to consider the quality of the neighborhood schools and the amenities in the apartment building. These features attract high-value buyers.

2. Ceiling Height

Most co-op and condo apartments in New York City were built at the turn of the last century, which means they have historic charm, but also low ceilings. Low ceilings spell trouble for an apartment’s resale value because they put off a cramped vibe that pretty much any buyer would notice.

During the apartment hunting process, if you come across a property with low ceilings, make sure you do two things: listen for your upstairs neighbors and have the measurements of the tallest furniture you own on hand.

Lower means louder and if the ceiling is too low, which anything under seven and a half feet is, then sounds like upstairs footsteps and shuffling will be amplified. In addition, if your tallest piece of furniture almost touches the ceiling, your apartment will look cramped no matter what you do.

3. Public Transportation

If you’re an NYC local, then chances are you don’t have a car. Keep this in mind when buying an apartment and remember, the closer you are to public transportation, the better. A bus stop is great, but a subway station is ideal. In terms of proximity, a subway station within a few blocks of your potential apartment is a great feature that is a huge time saver if you ride it often and will also raise the property’s value.

4. Storage Space

Layout plays a huge role when hunting for the perfect pad, but many apartment shoppers overlook storage space when looking at the big picture. If you’re walking through an empty apartment, you should try to visualize the space with your belongings in it.

Does it have enough storage space to fit your life? If not, you might want to keep searching. A lack of storage space translates to a cramped, cluttered apartment, which will definitely take away from the apartment’s overall livability.

5. Non-Smoking Building

If you’re a non-smoker, then you should definitely put smoke-free housing at the top of your list. An apartment building with smoking tenants not only means you’ll live in a second-hand smoke environment, but your clothes and furnishings will begin to absorb the smell over time as well.

So, double-check with your real estate agent to make sure the apartment and building are smoke-free before scheduling a walk-through. After all, a smoke-free building means the apartment’s property value has nowhere to go but up.

By keeping in mind the tips above, you can rest assured your new New York City apartment will meet your expectations.


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