Now that the sweltering days of summer are behind us, cool nights and beautiful mild days spent inside have taken their place. Autumn, a favorite season for many, is a season for sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and warm apple cider in a mug. Brisk weather and the shift in life’s pace makes it instinctual to warm up your home with the comforts of the season, so it’s worth considering these options when the leaves start to turn.

Entryway Decorations

You can establish the mood of fall even before stepping foot into your apartment. Hanging a pine cone wreath on your door is both festive and fun. Couple this decoration with a seasonal welcome mat and you’re setting the stage for fall right in your entryway.

Cozy Throws

When the nights get colder, you want to feel toasty at home. Blankets like plush sherpa throw provide that extra layer of warmth you need while you’re channel surfing. Make the experience complete with some fleece-lined slippers for extra binge watching comfort.

Shag Area Rugs

If your apartment has wood floors, they can start to feel icy during a New York fall. Adding a plush area rug to your common area can provide some added sound insulation and warmth when the winds outside become brisk.

Seasonal Interior Designs

All the little details of your apartment can work together to correspond with the season. Consider switching out any summery decorations with more fall-appropriate displays. For example, decorate your walls with removable decals of autumn leaves or pumpkins. Switch out bright summery placemats in place for more earthy autumn colors.

Autumn Scents

The changes in the season are more than just a feast for the eyes. Smells are also a big part of fall. Try burning a spice candle or use potpourri to emit some classic fall scents like cinnamon, vanilla, and apple pie. If your landlord doesn’t allow candles, then using a Glade plugin or scented gel beads can also freshen up your home in the name of autumn.

A Hot Drinks Bar

Fall is not just a time for a change of scenery and scents. It’s also a time for the return of traditional tastes. When you can’t make it to the coffee shop for your favorite pumpkin spice latte, you can still access great seasonal drinks at home.

Hot-DrinksWAREHOUSE TROLLEY BAR CART – Restoration Hardware

Consider setting up a hot cocoa and tea station in your kitchen. Placed next to a hot water heater and a jar full of sweet marshmallows, you have a convenient station for some autumn hospitality.
You can also stock up on pumpkin spice creamers for that late night decaf coffee that you’re craving. When your pantry is loaded with fall flavors, it’s easy to make a cozy fall drink to warm up and feel great.

A Fireplace TV Stand

Though your apartment may not be equipped with a fireplace, it’s still possible to create that cozy warm feeling of one with some crafty furniture. Get a TV stand that works as a space heater and faux fireplace.
It’s fun and easy to get your apartment ready for the fall when you make a few alterations to your decor and mood setting. Have some fun this month as you transition from summer to the cool seasons ahead.


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