When decorating your home, you may want a design scheme that is out of the ordinary. It’s very popular these days to mix décor. For example, having an ultra-mod sofa accented by antique mirrors and combining those with a vintage coffee table. Eclectic design is definitely “in, Flickr” and when decorating your home, you may want a design scheme that is out of the ordinary. Found objects and one-of-a-kind architectural pieces can make your home decor ­more exciting and original.

Reclaimed objects are full of character and history. Finding an original leaded, stained glass window from an old house to hang on a wall or reclaimed wood from the stage of a demolished theater to build new furniture with can be thrilling. Or, perhaps you are in the market for an antique hall seat or vintage armoire. Maybe you want several smaller pieces such as a gargoyle from a defunct church, antique doorknobs, or used cigar molds.

Whatever you are looking for (and you might not even know what that is until you see it), you are sure to find unique architectural pieces at one or more of the outlets in, this, our ultimate guide to the best places to shop in search of fun, one-of-a-kind relics and other reclaimed items.

If you are looking for either original salvaged pieces or repurposed found objects, walk into one of Olde Good Things locations around the city. There you will find everything from vintage signs and carnival glass vases to various sizes of mirrors made of tin ceiling tiles and other reclaimed materials along with both vintage and made-to-order tables and chairs of all kinds. Then there is my ultimate fantasy favorite piece, a custom multispeed black blinking metal starlight.

You might have heard the name Build It Green thrown around in years past. Now called Big Reuse, this nonprofit organization is committed to reducing construction waste and getting buy-in for socially responsible construction practices from contractors, demolition experts, builders, management companies, and others in the construction and building sector. Meanwhile, at their retail shops, filled with reclaimed architectural pieces, appliances, and other construction/building materials, you can find bargains that could save you a large chunk of change during remodeling or be redecorating.

Furnish Green

Furnish Green vintage furniture store, located near Herald Square, has accent pieces that run the gamut from a small rustic antique copper bucket to a pair of wooden barrel bookends to a manual Remington Rand Noiseless Typewriter. The store brings in new merchandise daily, so frequent visits might be in order until you find that perfect piece you’ve been seeking.

Demolition Depot and Irreplaceable Artifacts

The Demolition Depot and Irreplaceable Artifacts in Harlem stocks reclaimed pieces to “enhance the style of all new residential and commercial building, restoration, and decorating projects.” This store, with an additional location in Middletown, CT, has everything your heart may desire, including doors, shutters, grilles, stained glass, gates, doorknobs, lights, mantels, religious arcana, and so much more, including this incredible intact Beaux Arts style leaded glass ceiling circular skylight.

Showplace Design

Showplace Design + Antique Center houses more than 200 antique dealers and offers a broad range of vintage and antique collectibles, art, fashion, and furniture in a 4-story building in Manhattan. You can spend a day (or many days!) there sifting through the various goodies vendors offer. There is fresh merchandise all the time, so go early and go often.

Chelsea Flea Market

Chelsea Flea Market is a well-known, favorite spot to pick up bargains. Open on Saturday and Sundays only; this market has been around for almost 40 years. You can find vendors of all stripes selling everything from classic political buttons and used furniture to antique glassware and vintage clothing.

Finding your timeless reclaimed treasures for your home doesn’t have to be a gargantuan effort. You can now shop online – or in person – whenever the mood strikes.

If you have a favorite outlet to find great artifacts we haven’t mentioned, please write to us and let us in on your secret!


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