Let’s just start out by saying not everyone agrees on what is appropriate and some simply do not care. However, that said, whether you care or not, it’s worthy to give it some thought on how one might react with entering an apartment in a particular scenario. It is time to face it: the more people your home appeals to, the better price it will likely sell for or, in some cases, just sell. Unless you want your apartment looking like a “going out of business” sale, taking care of some of the items below just might find you a Buyer.

1. Sex Toys are Us

“Fifty Shades of Grey” displayed in the bedroom can satisfy your taste for exhibitionism and reveal your passionate soul, but you might want to reconsider. Is it necessary to leave your furry handcuffs or feathers on the bedside table and something that resembles a vibrating device for a neck massage? If you are selling a two bedroom, there is a good chance potential buyers with a young child might be coming through. Needless to say, sometimes less is more.674280fc6afb47241fbae20c8ff9d4f9

2. Animal House

We love pets, but sometimes it can be a bit much, like three cockatoos, even though they say “Hello!” all together at the same time and are beyond cute. Coupled with a cat you essentially have a “Tom and Jerry” situation. No doubt, unique, but, if possible, better to avoid. How about not leaving the cat or dog food out, or, maybe, just giving the litter a cleaning? Always appreciated!


Image by Dave Womach / Flickr

3. Odors

Light a match, open a window or if you have to, Febreze for the life of g-d. Candles are readily available and elevate your open house. Perhaps, if you want to take it to another level, most of us love chocolate chip cookies baked fresh.

4. Dutch oven

Whether you have taken on the role of the Big Lebowski or decided to rent your place to marijuana enthusiasts, keep in mind that smoke sticks to everything in the apartment, and can be overpowering unless you just rolled one before shopping for a home.


5. Hoarders

Storage is necessary for New York City, and everyone needs more, but turning your living and others rooms into a storage facility usually is not an excellent idea. Space is equally important as storage, so finding a balance might be a great place to start.

6. The Stalker

Maybe you have finished your apartment to the nines, and it’s worthy of a feature in the Architectural Digest, but please please let your agent do his/her job with a little space. Having an owner sitting in a rocking chair or following you around the apartment is creepy, and a great way to alienate a potential buyer.

7. Dirty

All sellers try to maximize their capital upside, but this should not be at the expense of having your place cleaned before opening your doors to the market. There is nothing worse than walking into a dirty bathroom. How about giving the dirty bathroom mat a wash. It doesn’t cost much and cleanliness always goes a long way. Great Green Cleaning is a company we recommend, not the cheapest but the best.

8. Master Chef

Just because you love food doesn’t mean you can cook. Many are finding out the hard way by sending photos of dishes to Gordon Ramsey on Twitter only to get roasted on how shocking the dish may look. Many of us want to be Anthony Bourdain or the next “Master Chef” but in reality – were better off` keeping our day jobs. Keep this in mind, before storing your food experiment in a clear container in the fridge instead of a plastic garbage bag. Many buyers like to open a refrigerator.

9. Bad JuJu

Don’t stuff your pets and animals, taxidermy does not sit well in an apartment. Let go, and let them RIP. Religious symbolism can be a bit much for those of another faith. Antique furniture can also be heavy and cause negative energy, researching on how to rid your home of bad JuJu is recommended.

Have you been looking for a home and walked in on any surprises? Share your stories below.


Image by Jenna Bauer / Flickr


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