The typical kitchen in New York City isn’t known for being wide open and spacious. In fact, with the average size of a Manhattan studio apartment at 550 square feet, it’s easy to see why there’s not much room left over for the kitchen. However, these tips can free up some extra space in even the most cramped city kitchen.

Hang Your Pots

Pots and pans can clutter up a cabinet and steal valuable space. By using a pot rack to hang your pots and pans from the ceiling, you can save space, organize your dishes, and create a very stylish kitchen. From modern stainless steel to rustic wood, pot racks come in many different styles to fit almost every kitchen design. Best of all, they’re very simple to install on your own.

Get a Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is perfect for times when you need extra space. If you need more counter space to work on, you can roll it out and use it. It also offers more storage space on the bottom for cookbooks or dishes and can hold small appliances on the top. When you don’t need it, you can simply wheel it into a corner, and your kitchen once again looks larger and more open.

Clear Your Counter Space

Since counter space is at a premium in East Village kitchens, make sure you’re able to use as much of it as possible. A microwave is pretty much a necessity in any kitchen, but it can take up valuable space when it sits on the counter. Instead, look for an over-the-range microwave that mounts on the wall above the stove. This way, you not only have more counter space to work with, your microwave can also serve as a vent for the stove.

Use the Inside of Your Cabinets

Even if you only have one or two cabinets, the inside of the cabinet doors are valuable storage space. Here, you can install racks for extra storage space, or hang up a magnetic board to keep notes and shopping lists neatly organized. Also, you can mount hooks on the inside of doors to hang oven mitts, hand towels, and dish rags.

Make Every Drawer Count

Some kitchens will come with false drawer fronts that look nice but are a complete waste of space because you can’t use them. However, it is possible to replace those false drawer fronts with actually hinged drawers that are quite useful in a small kitchen. Simply remove the false fronts, install a tray on the back of the drawer, and install hinges on both sides of the false front. Once you screw the false fronts back on, you’ll have a place to store your brushes and sponges.

As the gathering spot for friends and family, the kitchen can feel cramped rather quickly. Even so, implementing these space-saving tips can help you make the most of the limited space you have in your kitchen, so you can enjoy the time you spend in this popular home spot.


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