From the curbside to commercial conglomerates, there are few public, or private spaces in New York City spared from the ubiquitous aim of the spray can. The gravitas of the graffiti scene has meant mainstream success for many street artists, and has spawned the burgeoning curiosity of city dwellers across the five Burroughs. But for many, the graffiti scene has lost its luster, with unoriginal projects and talent-less artists popping up everywhere like Murakami mushrooms. However, Brooklyn based writer Fi5e, has fused street art with algorithms and cast a little original light onto the purest form of graffiti, the tag. The end result — the projection of the world’s biggest tag, written in light, and illuminated onto the side of New York City buildings. This is a seriously cool project that utilizes the vertiginous city skyline and some of the city’s coolest developments and monuments. What a great way to highlight the fusion of art and architecture.


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