Being single in New York sounds like it would be a dream come true. Whether you’re looking for a significant other or just a vibrant nightlife, this is a city that has it all. But not every New York neighborhood is created equal, and living in the city doesn’t guarantee a great date or a great night out. Pick the wrong neighborhood, and you might find yourself spending half your night in an Uber just trying to get to your friends. It also can mean having to contend with some truly horrible people. Whether you’re looking for love or looking for a good time, these are the hottest neighborhoods for singles in New York.

The Upper East Side – Playing the Numbers

If you’re a single guy living in New York, demographics and population play to your favor, especially on the Upper East Side. Women outnumber men in New York City by a significant amount, 52.62% to 47.38% to be exact. On the Upper East Side, the numbers are even starker. There are only 0.6 men for every one woman in this chic Manhattan neighborhood. Remember, guys; this doesn’t give you the right to act like some entitled, endangered species prized for your rarity. Women on the Upper East Side have discerning tastes, and you better remember to hold open her door, or she’ll find someone who will.

The East Village – Most Loved Bars in New York

A poll conducted by Business Insider found that New Yorkers love the bars of the East Village. Greenwich Village and the Lower East Side round out the top three, giving Lower Manhattan an edge over the rest of the borough when looking for a quality bar. With more craft cocktail lounges than the entire state of Connecticut, these three Manhattan neighborhoods will keep you entertained whether it’s a girls night out or a much-needed drink after a long day at work. And with a singles population of 62%, you’ll be in very good company.

Williamsburg – Brunch & Boutiques

Williamsburg isn’t quite the bearded, hipster enclave it once was. The DIY aesthetic has given way to great shopping, food, and a love of fitness. Whether you’re enhancing your wardrobe at one of the local boutiques or grabbing mimosas with friends, Williamsburg is a great place to be single. Home to yoga studios, mixed-martial arts, and plenty of gyms, it’s easy to stay in shape in Williamsburg. It’s safe, walkable, and active both day and night. Date options are nearly limitless with great coffee shops, dive bars, and excellent restaurants. This one-stop Brooklyn neighborhood offers a great all-around experience.

Murray Hill – Late Nights

While Murray Hill may be becoming a bit more family friendly during the day, this Midtown neighborhood still parties like a drunken frat boy at night. With countless places to party, Murray Hill is known for its co-eds and its cocktails. Twenty-four-hour eateries can keep your energy up, and your morning-after hangover can be nursed at an early morning restaurant or cafe. If you’re done with college but haven’t gotten the partying out of your system, Murray Hill is where you want to be.


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