Even Living Rooms Are De Cluttered The Only Furniture Here Is A Desk And Chair

There is a trend known as minimalism that is becoming more and more popular in Japan. It involves eliminating unnecessary items and clutter in order to free up finances and simplify life. In the United States, we are encouraged to think that bigger is better and the more, the merrier. However, there are many benefits to minimalism that we can apply to our daily living to reduce stress and free up space.

The Stress of Clutter

Modern psychology affirms that crowded conditions and disorganization can cause stress and anxiety. Clutter is a sign of not having a place for everything, and can it distract or irritate you, especially when you can’t quickly find necessary items. By taking control of your living space, and throwing away unused and unworn items, you can restore order to your home and reduce stress in your life.

The KonMari Method for Clothes

Everyone needs a starting point, and your closet is a good place to begin. Freeing yourself from garments you don’t need will liberate you from unnecessary closet clutter. Clothes can create a mess, especially when you don’t put your garments back in your closet or hamper.
By using the KonMari Method, however, you can donate pieces you don’t absolutely love and develop a wardrobe capsule that will simplify your choices. The result will delight you. You will have each season’s apparel neatly organized in the closet, and your capsule will be composed of only high-quality garments that you will actually wear.

Minimalism Elsewhere

This process will work for items throughout your home. You don’t have to be as extreme as someone with just a spoon and fork in the utensil drawer, but you can pursue simplicity by giving away the items you don’t use.
Empty that cluttered drawer full of old bills and unused pens, and donate the bread maker that never made it out of the box. Do you have excessive furniture, electronics, and decorative items in other rooms of the house? Donating these can help someone in need while making your living space more open and clean.

The Benefits of Minimalism

  • More Room. Homes with less clutter simply look bigger. Clean countertops, open spaces, and efficient storage solutions free of unnecessary junk make the most of a home’s interior.
  • More Money. You also benefit financially from this lifestyle, by not making impulse buys.  If you make intentional purchases toward high-quality goods, they tend to last longer than cheaper items.
  • Pay it Forward. Your community benefits from donations, making goods and clothing affordable for others in need.
  • Save Time. You will find that cleaning your house will be less of a chore when there are fewer things to pick up and tuck away.

Try It!

You don’t have to donate everything in your house except a t-shirt and a mattress, but you can employ some minimalist principles to gain more self-discipline and restore a little more organization in your home.


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