You’ve seen the Empire State Building a hundred times, been in Times Square a thousand, and you refuse to walk up a single stair at the Statue of Liberty again. Even for locals, it can be easy to get lost in tourist traps in NYC. Here are – local approved – our top picks for things to do in NYC this spring!

1. National Museum of the American Indian

A little lesser-known than the Museum of Modern Art or the American Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of the American Indian is a great way to absorb some culture and history without the crowds. The NMAI offers daily guided tours to give you a little more insight into the incredible collections of exhibits and artifacts. Admission is also free at the NMAI, so you can bring the whole family without worrying about breaking the bank.

2. The Cloisters

Closed only for Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgiving, you can see this Medieval European museum almost any day of the year. And for you locals, admission is free with a valid ID; but of course, you’re welcome to give a donation for admission if you so choose. At the Cloisters, you can experience Medieval Europe and see over 2,000 pieces of art and other various cultural artifacts right in NYC.

3. Chelsea Galleries

The Chelsea District is loaded with incredible art galleries; it’s the perfect place for art enthusiasts looking to spend a nice afternoon. Or if you’ve never been to an art gallery before, it’s also a great place to dip your toes in and give it a try – since admission to most galleries is free. With all the galleries available, there’s always new artwork and artists to check out.

4. Hudson River Park

The Hudson River Park is teeming with fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. Especially in the warmer months, the Hudson River Park is a great place to enjoy water activities like rowing, kayaking, canoeing, and the like. Not to mention, they have soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and more. Whether you want to kayak on the Hudson, play some pickup basketball, or just take a nice stroll along the waterfront, the Hudson River Park has all your bases covered. They even have free salsa dance lessons on Tuesday nights during the summer!

5. Immersion Theatre

If you’ve never heard of immersion theatre before, you’ve got to check it out. Unlike a regular show where you sit there nodding off between sips of your cocktail, these shows will have you on the edge of your seat. The whole premise of immersion theater is to immerse the audience in the performance – the audience becomes part of the show! Yes, that means you! Check out the Accomplice in Manhattan or Then She Fell in Brooklyn for an unforgettable theatre experience.

These are just a few of the things on our local-approved to-do list for NYC this spring. If none of these things pique your interest, don’t worry; in the city that never sleeps, there’s always something fun and exciting going on to keep yourself entertained… and away from the tourist traps!


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