People like vacations… and for a variety of reasons. Sure, the time off is great, but for many people, the main attraction is all about accommodations. Everyone spends months pining over which hotel is the perfect one to stay at, which has the most accommodations, best bed linens, plushest towels, and most delicate soaps. Most of us feel ashamed to admit it, but the little soaps really do keep pulling us back in! Unfortunately, most people aren’t able to get away nearly as often as they would like, so there is only one feasible solution. Bring the hotel feeling into your own home! There are some key essentials to providing that “expensive hotel suite” feeling, all of which are pretty easy to accomplish. The first place to focus on is your master bathroom. Without a doubt, all the bath linens MUST match. The visual of a well-matched bathroom will bring a sense of tranquility (plus, it’s just good taste).

I recommend plush, bright white bath towels like the ones found in the home department of Bloomingdale’s. Next, you will want to clean off your bathroom counters and leave only the following essentials on top: cute soaps, a bottle of aromatic moisturizing lotion, and a sewing kit (just kidding).

The soap and lotion are enough, and the best choice is Molton Brown’s liquid hand soap in Naran Ji (orange). You can buy this for a price of $28 at The last essential element and perhaps most important at the end of a long day is the bed. Your bed should be a wonderful cushion… and if it is not, you should certainly invest in either a foam egg crate or a down layer for the top of the mattress. On top of your mattress, soft high thread count sheets are of the utmost importance! Opt for a high-quality 300-thread count or better. Choose white or beige sheets, and matching pillowcases.

If your comforter doesn’t match, you can pick up a duvet cover that coordinates for under $200. It’s certainly worth the investment! Fixing up your bedroom: a few hundred dollars. Coordinating your master bathroom: up to $100. The feeling of everlasting vacation: PRICELESS. Restoration Hardware


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