Renitng In Nyc
overhead view of couple sitting on floor together using computer wireless internet while moving into new home

There are few experiences in life similar to moving and relocation. Moving is not only an extremely exciting time but more commonly this has been ranked as one of the top 5 stressful situations we encounter throughout our lifetime. The initial stages are mostly fun, the researching of prospective neighborhoods, the dreamy apartment/home search, and the visions of what’s to come.

Whether you are moving just a handful of blocks away or entering a new city for the first time, moving can feel like a logistical nightmare and a complete disruption to your life. Also, you have to deal with all that packing and lifting. The average American will make over 11 moves in their lifetime, the average length of a move is subjective but most people report that it takes 2 weeks to settle into a new space completely. Today, there is a range of different services and strategies that can help to make moving easy.

1) Develop A Packing Plan:

If you can control the things that can be, moving will ultimately be easier. Of course, the unexpected headaches may show up, but if everything else feels smooth, it will only be a hiccup. Packing and unpacking should be mapped out and planned, whether this is by color or number (room or contents) is up to you. Consider this a time to re-catalog everything you own, sorting things in their desired future spaces. Be sure to give yourself the ample time to pack in advance, you’ll thank yourself later.

2) Store It or Sell it:

We all have possessions we can’t seem to (nor want to) get rid of. Whether this be furniture, shoes, collectibles, books, or whatever! Now is the time to save them or to purge them. You are either moving your belongings (with the help of family and friends) or paying for it to be transported by item/weight, you’ll only benefit by lightening the load. It is inherently human to us to keep and value material possessions, just be sure this doesn’t become an excuse to hold onto everything.

Storage units are widely available across the globe, consider storage (long-term or temporary) as an option for the big things you can’t part ways with. For the other things, you can part with, consider selling stuff. There are a variety of sites that make finding a buyer for your “junk” an easy reality – Poshmark for Clothing, eBay for Vehicles, and even Facebook Marketplace for almost everything else. Look around for things that may be overworn and overlooked that you’ll consider replacing in the near enough future – no need to move things you’ll soon be rid of.

3) New Essentials:

There’s no need to haul your old worn out home goods like decor, furniture, or mattresses. Consider now the time to refresh and revamp your in-home essentials – I am sure you have a dream aesthetic you are seeking for the new space, fill up your online carts and take advantage of having these items shipped. Many times we make impulse purchases in-store because it’s a great deal or we need/want it now, instead shop ahead online and go after the items that will really transform your new space.

Not only does this saves you weight in the moving load, you can also have all those new at-home-must-haves delivered on (or around) unpacking day. Today, the internet can be used strategically in these kinds of shopping situations to not only deliver products but also conveniences. From cleaning supplies and a stocked pantry of food delivered that same day to quality foam mattresses (bed-in-a-box) air sealed to a fraction of the size, all packed and delivered right to you.

4) Utilities & Service Calls:

Coming in at a close second to packing, scheduling service appointments is a nightmare. When all you want is wifi but the next available appointment is weeks out – it becomes hard not to become frustrated. Consider doing these things ahead of time (depending on various necessary lead times). If you call in advance and plan accordingly, you can schedule these appointments prior to your move. This will help you to best plot these service visits, maybe all on the same day or staggered across the days you already have planned for unpacking.

5) The In-Betweeners Survival Kit:

The transition phase of moving is hard, waiting for the keys and crashing on couches (hotel rooms) is sometimes an impatient reality. We all know that living out of boxes and bags is only posh when we’re on a vacation. Depending on the length of your unique transition be sure to pack all the common essentials. No need to spend excess money on things you already own but can’t seem to find. Pack an extreme overnight or weekend bag, equipped with important paperwork, valuable possessions, technology, chargers, medication, and toiletries.


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