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The newfound charm of Brooklyn beckons to young professionals, families and celebrities alike, holding the promise of a feasibly affordable option for life in New York. Brooklyn’s emphasis on shopping local not only affords its residents reasonable prices but has proven essential to the flourishment and saturation of the quirky culture that has become widely acknowledged as the borough’s adopted identity.

What to Expect in Brooklyn

As opposed to more costly areas around the city, Brooklyn’s flare and attempt at projecting an understated coolness (albeit, a biting and hip image) attract young people from across the country and the globe.

Largely due to its reassertion in today’s movement and prominence within American youth culture, Brooklyn has positioned itself to emerge as a cultural hub home to a growing hip-hop scene, pop-up galleries, and closet-sized, rotating restaurants all within reach of the narrow confines of your wallet.

For the dreamy and eager young professionals and recent college graduates, Brooklyn holds faithful to all that is the quintessential New Yorker experience with the added touch of eclecticism and innovation eliciting the delicious call to adventure.

Living in Brooklyn

Before diving into all that Brooklyn has to offer, it’s important to consider the logistics for planning your big move and create your checklist for what you can and cannot live without. Can you live with walking your clothes to the laundromat every Sunday? Are you comfortable with your commute from home lasting an entire podcast or more?


It would be wise to consider subletting a temporary space and storing your possessions in a storage unit while on the hunt for your new address. Opting for a sublease will grant you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Brooklyn’s different neighborhoods and their respective personalities before plunging into your next housing contract.

Whether you are single or paired, hiring a moving company should be given heavy consideration. It’s likely that you won’t want to and perhaps will be physically unable to move your sleeper sofa up multiple flights of stairs – a set of extra hands will make all the difference as you accept self-damnation on your third trip down the steps back to your car and trailer hitch.

Or perhaps you ditched your car miles ago and opted to head to Brooklyn in your rented moving van. Although owning a vehicle in Brooklyn may be practical, it is not necessary due to all the public transportation. Street parking can start to add up quickly, and the subway trains offer easy access from point A to point B.

Of course, you can always catch a Lyft or hop in an Uber pool or start adjusting to your new borough and grab a bike; you live in Brooklyn now after all.

A Taste of Brooklyn’s Neighborhoods

Brooklyn is home to 52 distinct neighborhoods to choose from. Whatever your needs or niche, there’s almost a full guarantee there’s a place for you. For example:

  • If your pockets run a little deeper with gravitation toward the finer things in life, consider a spot in Brooklyn Heights with views of the Manhattan skyline.
  • Perhaps your lust for the Upper West Side opposes your checkbook, and Park Slope could be a competitive, equally beautiful alternative.
  • If you’re looking for city digs with a nearly coastal feel, check out Brighton Beach only a short walk away from Coney Island.
  • If it’s essential to be within reach of the repair shop for your refurbished 1970s Schwinn, the sweet lure of Williamsburg might just capture your heart.
  • A residential home in Midwood would provide a near suburbanite experience sharply different from a fresh start in Midtown.

What It’s Like to be a house hunter in Brooklyn

More and more people are trading dreams of a high-rise on the Upper East Side for a plant-filled, oasis in Bushwick. Perhaps your two-bedroom Brooklyn apartment even comes with a backyard or can be found steps away from a community yoga meetup group in Prospect Park.

An added advantage to living in a Brooklyn neighborhood is the sheer amount of public parks that provide needed greenery to your daily commute to work or the craft coffee roastery on the corner. Prospect Park alone boasts its lakefront views, tennis and basketball courts, soccer fields, and playgrounds. Not to mention its zoo. As a bonus, many of Brooklyn’s parks serve as hosts to free outdoor concerts, festivals, and big-screen movie showings during the warmer months.

Brooklyn Compared to Manhattan

In contrast, a dwelling in Manhattan would not only be more costly, but you would be hard-pressed to find an inch of grassy refuge to call your own.

Although Manhattan can be argued as easier to navigate and perhaps more convenient to get around for work, Brooklyn provides a sense of community through its hyper-local economy, outwardly laid-back demeanor, and noticeably dismal presence of tourists.

Brooklyn offers a comfortable yet trend-setting option for rent-seekers opting for views of the sky over skyscrapers and extra elbow room on the sidewalk. For the young couple looking for all the amenities and excitement a city has to offer with a suburban feel, some areas of Brooklyn provide the right amount of hominess to meet your needs.
Rest assured that the trade-off for your new Brownstone ensures plenty of things to do in Brooklyn wrapped tightly with all the bells and whistles from farmers markets to botanical gardens, let alone some of the most breathtaking sights in the city.


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