Steep gas rises. Exorbitant rent. $15 cocktails. As if this weren’t enough evidence, a recent survey has proven what all New Yorkers already know – that it’s really, really expensive to live here.
Conducted by Mercer Consulting, the survey places New York City at #10 on its worldwide list. Moscow is #1, which ends Tokyo’s 4-year reign as top dog. New York City leads the list of American cities, with runner-up Los Angeles clocking in at #29. The survey measured 144 cities using a 200-item checklist, paying special attention to such costs as housing, transportation, entertainment, and food. As Mercer’s website states, “It is the world’s most comprehensive cost-of-living survey and is used to help multinational companies and governments determine compensation allowances for their expatriate employees.”
If you think your lifestyle is expensive, try imagining yourself in Russia’s capital – where the cost of living is 25% higher than New York City. In Moscow, a two-bedroom apartment costs $3,000, an international newspaper is $3.40, a burger with fries is $3.87, and a cup of coffee will set you back $5.27. Even Starbucks is cheap by comparison! Better to stick with the Russian vodka, we suppose.


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