Doormen are much more than friendly faces. They wave when you leave and greet you when you return, but read on to discover four important ways that these workers can make life in New York easier.

1. They’ll Screen Your Guests

How many times have you wished there was a way to screen visitors the way that you screen your phone calls and messages? It turns out there is; you just need a doorman. Doormen get to know their building’s residents and they won’t let just anyone enter. If someone says that they’re there to see you, your doorman will call you to let you know.
That doesn’t mean that you have to let them in, though. If you’re busy or not feeling up to guests, you can simply use your doorman to screen your guests and avoid having those awkward conversations with people. If someone’s a real pest, say your ex, you can tell your doorman never to let them in.

2. They’ll Care for You and Your Neighbors


Image by Nick Harris / Flickr

Because doormen know the residents of their buildings, they tend to assume the role of caretaker. The doorman might be the first to notice if an elderly or disabled resident hasn’t been seen for a while and then check on them.
A doorman may also help you out of a tight spot. For example, something as simple as locking yourself out of your apartment can easily be resolved with a doorman’s spare set of keys. And have you ever noticed that the sidewalks outside buildings with doormen never have ice or snow, even in the middle of winter? That’s because the doormen shovel them clear to keep their residents safe.

3. They Can Take Care of Simple Tasks

In upscale apartments, doormen tend to go the extra mile and help the residents do simple tasks. For example, before residents leave their apartment they need only call down and ask the doorman to hail a cab. By the time they get to the front door, a taxi will be waiting.
Need help with your shopping bags or suitcases? Your doorman might save your arms and help you carry them to your apartment. Doormen are also happy to hold items for you. Perhaps you want to leave your house keys behind while you go jogging or leave your bag behind while you run across the street. Most doormen will happily oblige.

4. They Will Receive Your Packages

Full-time workers, busy parents, and other apartment dwellers are often out when their parcels arrive. Thankfully, doormen are there when you’re not. These workers are happy to receive and sign for packages when you’re not home.
Unregistered parcels will be much more secure with your doorman than sitting unattended outside your apartment door. The arrangement also puts an end to those annoying extra post office trips to retrieve packages that need signatures.
Doormen can make life in New York so much easier. They’re not just a luxury but a necessity.


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