Our beloved Giants may not have made the Super Bowl this year, but New York City is still proud to be cosponsoring Super Bowl XLVIII at the MetLife Stadium, the first outdoor, cold-weather Super Bowl. While NFL fans are busy making travel plans, booking expensive hotels and paying crazy high rates, New Yorkers can enjoy game day and all the events leading up to it for a much more affordable price. Consider celebrating Super Bowl this year as just one of the many perks of living in New York City.

While out of towners may need to bring their car into the city to enjoy the festivities and get to the stadium, homeowners in New York City already have a parking space or don’t even need a car. As a bonus, you probably don’t also need to put much effort into finding your subway stop. And unlike other cities, our subway never sleeps so no matter how late your event runs; you can likely see a train to take you home when it ends.


And on your way home, not only will you find that the subway is still running, but you’ll also be able to grab a bite to satiate your late night hunger. While other cities suffer from a lack of 24-hour eateries, Manhattan is filled with options, from taking out and ready-made items at corner bodegas to full out diners. You may not even need to take the subway. Many New Yorkers find that all the essentials can be located within a 20 block radius, whether it’s the grocery store, a school for the kids, a favorite place to eat or even a parade. So while tourists are scrambling to find an affordable room in just the right neighborhood, chances are, you may already be living there.

Even without the upcoming Super Bowl to look forward to, New York is filled with opportunities to be entertained. Hit up a local club for an aptly named Manhattan cocktail, and you may also end up hearing a band set to be the next big thing and even a future headliner for the Super Bowl halftime show. And yeah, the musical hits of Broadway are a big deal here too. And not all the events are pricey either. While many visitors to the city spend a fortune on lodging and transportation as they prepare for major events like the Shakespeare in the Park series, which takes place in Central Park each summer, for New Yorkers, these events are free.

You have to step outside and head to the free events to take advantage of all the cultural activities that take place in the city, from Super Bowl to free film screenings in Bryant Park. And as a bonus, which you may not know, New Yorkers live longer than most people in other cities. So you know, if you live here, then you might live to see the Super Bowl come to town again. And maybe the Giants will make it that year.


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