Whether you like a casual dive or swanky bar or just a place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine, each neighborhood in Manhattan has a great bar scene. Here are some of the favorite picks from New York Magazine, so that you can get a feel for the watering holes in the area you may be considering buying a home.

Upper West Side

Although the Upper West Side has an elite reputation, you’ll find more than just your high-end bars here.

The Smith

Formerly of the East Village, The Smith has a second location on the Upper West Side, as well as in Midtown. Head over before or after a show at Lincoln Center for a glass of wine or a “fancy cocktail.”

The Dakota

To make a night of it, The Dakota is a bar lounge with a stunning chandelier that makes for a great conversation piece with your guests.

Lower East Side

The lower east side is quickly coming up as a nightlife hub, on the casual side.

Two Bits Retro Arcade

A dive bar/walk down memory lane is filled with pinball machines and video games. Plus the bar is filled with alcohol and beer just for grown-ups.


Head back in time at Attaboy, a favorite local speakeasy-style bar. It can be tricky to find, but once you’re in, the drinks are perfect for a low-key evening or a follow up to a night on the town.

Upper East Side

Whether you need to show off for out of towners or need a night out with friends, there are plenty of communal style bars on the Upper East Side.



JBird is an eclectic mix of trendy and swanky, with a laid-back vibe and cocktails served with metal straws for sipping all night long.

The Penrose

Hipster casual meets classic bar with an upscale frat house feel and a whole lot of craft beers.

Murray Hill

If you want something nice, but not too fancy, then Murray Hill has you covered.

Pod 39 Rooftop Lounge & Bar

While many hotel bars are just quick places for travelers to grab a drink, Pod 39 is a great place for dates as the place is lively but allows for conversation and romance with great views of the Empire State Building and a wide variety of cocktails.

Middle Branch

The sister location of Little Branch in the West Village, Middle Branch has much of the same classic speakeasy ambiance with less of the crowd. And if you’re a picky drinker, the bartender is said to be able to match any taste, from sweet to salty.


The upscale neighborhood is known to have plenty of upscale spots for foodies and the bar scene is no different.

Gallow Green

The McKittrick Hotel’s outdoor rooftop garden and bar conjure up images of magical wonderland’s and the bar’s offerings are also a big deal to make a reservation and be prepared to be nothing short of entrancing.


As one of the city’s favorite French restaurants, the noise level can get high as diners ooh and ah over their meals, but the cocktails at the bar are equally wondrous, making the noise level worth it.


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