Kids these days come with a lot of stuff. Multiple strollers. Changing tables. Not to mention their clothes, toys, books. It’s like a nightmare version of a doll that does not come with any accessories included.

While it seems strange to people outside of New York, in our city, we know that if you’ve got a great one bedroom apartment, having a child doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to leave it. So many of us moved to the city and lived in convertible two-bedroom apartments by putting up a wall in the living room – so why not save some money and have your child live in your living room for a year or two?

That being said, your gorgeous apartment will suddenly turn chaotic if you don’t bring in a couple of new things to store all your precious baby’s new accessories. Here are our suggestions for some great space-saving solutions (and ways to keep your sanity).

Swap out your TV stand for a dresser

Simple, yet efficient. Your TV stand, while it might look sleek, is probably full of paper manuals that you’ve never looked at and some extra remotes. By replacing it was a six drawer long dresser, you’ll be able to keep the same look (and still have a spot for your TV) while simultaneously maximizing your storage space. You won’t need that photo of you and your girlfriends at drinks as much as you’ll need those drawers for your baby’s clothes.

You don’t need the biggest, plushest…

ANYTHING. There are so many small (and stylish) rocking chair, as well as smaller cribs. Your baby isn’t that big, so he or she doesn’t need a huge crib.

Furthermore, if you can get a crib on wheels, then you’ll earn bonus points. This way, you can wheel your sleeping baby into your bedroom while you have friends over without disturbing either your child or your guests. When your guests have left for the night, wheel it back.

Hang your stroller

Get a collapsible stroller that you can hang on the bank of your door (or like a bicycle on your wall). There’s no reason to have it sitting in the corner taking up space.

Buy under the bed boxes

While shopping at The Container Store for these might make you flashback to your college years, these boxes are some of the best buys – even if you don’t have a kid! Free up closet space by putting seldom used items under your bed. You’ll forget these boxes are there because your comforter will probably cover the sides of your bed. Store heavy winter sweaters or seasonal shoes in these boxes and use the extra drawer space for clothes or toys that your child is likely to use a lot

Use a dresser as a changing table

Most changing tables have shelves for diapers – but once your baby doesn’t need diapers anymore, you have a useless piece of furniture. Instead, pick something that will hold your baby’s clothes. You can buy a changing pad for the top of the dresser without sacrificing the whole piece. Here’s the way one mom did it.

Buy a wardrobe for your clothes and turn your closet into your baby’s room

No joke. Check out the inspiration here.

ABV – Always Be Vertical

We know that your apartment has lots of storage space you haven’t used. We aren’t talking about closets – we’re talking about vertical space! Install a bookshelf toward the top of your wall where your couch is – or better yet, install storage cabinets. Buy shelving that goes all the way up to the ceiling.

There is a lot of potential to maximize your wall space and the space near your ceiling for extra storage. You can also buy a chest in lieu of a coffee table – it will serve the same purpose while also storing that bulky air mattress.



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