Have you become so enchanted by New York City that you’re ready to make it your home? More and more people move here every year, and for good reason. There’s always something to do, opportunities to grasp, and interesting people to meet. This checklist of resources will prepare you to relocate to NYC with all your bases covered.


If you aren’t moving with a specific job in mind, there are many ways to find work in the city:
1. If you love the bustle of NYC and want to be a part of how it runs, you can find a job working for the city itself at nyc.gov. Job specialties run the gamut, from administration services to technology innovation.
2. The New York Times has a live scroll on their website with featured jobs that are constantly being added.
3. If you’re into the start-up scene, you can search employment listings on AngelList.
4. For general employment, Indeed offers a variety of jobs in a lot of different industries.

Budget Tools and Tracking

Moving is never easy on the wallet. However, there are tools you can use to track your budget and anticipated moving expenses:
5. Mint by Intuit is a great, free financial tracking tool. You can use the app to add moving expenses, like renting a moving truck—and gauge how close you are to max out your budget. This way, you won’t have to worry about building your bank account back up once you’ve settled in.
6. There are plenty of blogs to follow, like The New York Budget, that offer details on where to shop, eat, and hang out while you’re living on a budget in NYC.
7. If you are renting an apartment in NYC, be aware that your yearly income must be at least 40x the monthly rental rate of the apartment you choose.

Picking a Neighborhood

Once you figure out how much you can spend on rent and where you’ll be working, you’ll have to pick a neighborhood to live in. Decide what type of commute you want to have every day, and research what each neighborhood has to offer:
8. Scope out crime rates on Trulia, especially if you’re commuting at night.
9. Find out what’s nearby, such as grocery stores and bars, with Yelp.

Decide Whether You Want to Rent or Own

When you first move to the city, consider finding a roommate to save on costs—or for companionship, because you may not know that many people yet. These resources can help you decide on your ideal living situation:
10. Room Zoom and Roomie Match both match personality and lifestyle preferences, as well as other criteria, to help you find a compatible roommate.
11. Elika’s home buyer’s guide offers detailed information on how to buy property in NYC.
12. If you’re renting, Elika also offers guidance and representation for renters.


How you are going to get around is one of the most important details to figure out. Public transportation or private? The following resources may help you decide:
13. If you think you’re going to commute on public transit like most New Yorkers, then familiarize yourself with the Metropolitan Transit Authority  (MTA) schedules, fares, and maps.
14. If you’re planning on bringing a car, look at the  DMV’s site to learn how to transfer your license and plates.


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