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Studio apartments are a common option in major cities like New York. While the lack of square footage may seem to limit to some, this type of living space is becoming a trendy option for the rich and famous. If you’re looking to for an apartment to rent or buy, check out these stellar benefits to studio living.

Choosing a Prime Location Over At-Home Entertaining

The biggest advantage of studio apartments is usually the location. To score an affordable apartment that’s conveniently located in New York, you often have to sacrifice some space. Thanks to a prime spot, your studio could put you just steps from your favorite clubs, coffee shops, and museums. While you may lose some space for entertaining at home, you’ll gain far more options for easy entertainment on the town. Plus, there’s no clean-up when you party at public locations.

Decorating Trends for Small Spaces


Image via Flickr by Xi Chau

When Domino gave a fresh makeover to the studio apartment owned by Rashida Jones, readers got a stunning look at what you can do with just 400 square feet. For example, curtains conceal extensive shelving, giving storage a whole new face. A well-placed bed with the longer side against the wall adds seating by mimicking a day-bed. Convenient clusters of small tables provide space for essentials without taking up too much room.
Zooey Deschanel’s studio proves that you can still be bold, no matter how big space. Swathed in rich navy blues, her studio provides a compact but highly functional space for her music. Popular stores like IKEA have built an entire industry on incorporating attractive design elements in limited spaces. Cozy studios are the perfect match for this type of decor.

Embracing the Popular Minimalist Culture

Giving up on clutter is a growing trend. There are dozens of books, blogs, and magazine articles poised to provide handy tips for eliminating excess items and tossing your stress along with them. Studio apartments practically require this type of living, but many apartment dwellers have found that it’s refreshing to pare down to the basics. Blogger Zandria even credits her studio with helping her develop neater habits.

Going Green With a Tiny Footprint

Nearly every industry has an eco-friendly option now, from home cleaning to fashionable fabrics. One fast and easy way to green up your lifestyle is by literally shrinking your footprint. A studio apartment requires less of everything, including air conditioning, lighting, and water. Residents living in a small space are also more likely to think twice about what they buy since there’s limited space to store it. Consuming less and saving more are always good for the environment.
Living in a studio apartment is a luxurious option, particularly in a vibrant city like New York where your one-room space offers a cozy retreat from the bustling expanse of the metropolis just outside the window. Whether you’re looking for your first home in the city, or you’re shopping for a hot new apartment, consider the on-trend options available in the studio apartment market


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