Everyone is always looking for a new and exciting way to enhance bamboo-1the beauty and value of their home. New cabinets, bathroom tile, furniture, linens… It’s all tired and been done before. The most fun way to get your home looking like it belongs in a magazine is with art. Art, although it seems to be for a very exclusive set of people, can be the easiest and most interesting way to add character to your plain walls and unadorned shelves and cocktail tables. Although it often costs a fortune, it doesn’t have to if you know what you’re looking for. Steve Wynn might have been able to elbow his $155 million Picasso and stomach it, but you can invest under $1,000 and have an incredible room. The first key is to forget about the big names. It’s unlikely that you’ll be hanging a Matisse or Dali on your wall if it’s authentic. And forget about art that isn’t authentic. That’s just tacky. Focus on lesser known artists, especially local ones. Prints are an excellent way to start collecting.
Often, a so-so known artist will have exceptional quality prints selling in the $400-700 range. Add a bold, unique frame for another $150 or so and suddenly you have a centerpiece for a room. Or, if your room already has some bold elements, try investing in sketches. Artist sketches are often found at bargain prices compared to paintings or sculptures, but you might be able to have a weighty name hanging on your wall. Put a black and white sketch into a metallic frame (think antiqued silver, gold, bronze) and place in almost any room. These colors work well with any décor because they’re antiqued and make the artwork look like a family heirloom. Try not to focus too much on the “What kind of investment am I making?” question that will keep popping into your head. The reality is you probably will never sell it, and if you do, that time is most likely years away. Think of it like a piece of furniture, would you buy a $1500 couch if that’s what it took to make your room look incredible? Naturally. Think of art as the ultimate, wear-proof accessory. Provided you aren’t Steve Wynn.
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