All things being equal, life is easier if you live in an ultra-luxury condo. Beyond the quality of the interiors, luxury condos are offering increasingly lavish amenities, rivaling those of five-star hotels. Whatever the need, building staff could find a way to provide it. Do you need your laundry done? Not a problem. A personal trainer to keep you fit? We’ll have that heart rate up in no time. Professional chef for your dinner party? Gluten-free menu for eight, coming right up! It’s the ultimate in room service, at home.

Of course, the comforts of deluxe condo living aren’t for everyone. Whether you lack the down payment, or it’s a personal choice, most of us act as our own concierge. We pick up our own mail, we buy our own groceries, we scrub our own floors. It’s certainly not fun trudging the laundry to our fourth-floor walk-up, but that’s life. Right?
Well, thanks to some enterprising service startups, maybe you actually can afford to say goodbye to DIY. Many of the services offered in luxury condos can now be yours, and at the tap of a screen. So if you’re interested in a luxury lifestyle, but not the luxury address, then keep reading!

To start, you’ll want a service that can help you with all of your everyday tasks. Just imagine that outsourcing your grocery shopping, apartment cleaning, laundry, prescription pick-ups, mail, and more. You could return from a long day at work to a clean apartment, clean clothes, and a stocked fridge. Sounds helpful, right? Well, that’s what the founders of Hello Alfred thought, too.

Hello Alfred: Your Personalized Home Operating System


Hello Alfred  is a service for building owners and individuals to help keep their home running smoothly. It allows you to spend their time doing whatever else it is they’d rather do. Your “Alfred” (not a butler), is a personalized home manager. They perform periodic home visits to do all the chores and errands that you’d prefer not to do. It’s a tech-enabled luxury for the rest of us.

Now it’s been a long day, you’re drained, and you just want to sit back and relax. Luckily, your “Alfred” has cleaned your place. You’ve got your clean clothes ready for tomorrow, and a fridge full of groceries, too. But it’s 9:30 pm. By the time you find a recipe, cook, and put everything away, it might be too late to eat. If only you had a delicious, nutritious, home-cooked meal waiting for you, for nights just like this one… Well, now you can!

Carried Away Chefs: Home Cooked Meals Made Easy (By a Professional)


If you find yourself too busy or uninterested to cook, there’s Carried Away Chefs, an in-home private chef service. A chef from Carried Away Chefs can visit your home a couple of times a week to prepare meals for you. You can also store these healthy delicious meals in your fridge for the rest of the week. No more late night hunger. No more regrettable nights of MSG-laden food deliveries. You’ll always have a clean kitchen, good food, and even more time to relax.

How you choose to relax, after your gourmet meal, is very much up to you. Would you like to stream Netflix until it assumes you’ve fallen asleep? Maybe you’d rather get caught up in novel? Or perhaps you’d prefer to have a professional masseuse knead out your stress, as you drift off, semi-conscious? If the message sounds like a good time, then you may want to book-on-demand session with Zeel.

Zeel: Home Sweet In-Home Massage


Zeel blends the luxury of the spa experience with the efficiency of a tech start-up. In as quickly as one hour, you can have a masseuse setting up their cushioned table in your living room. That’s better than some food delivery! And, if you and your partner feel equal in need of an intense de-stressing, Zeel provides couples massages as well.

After a soothing evening of massage, you may wake up with an urge get moving, get the blood flowing. If you do feel motivated to exercise, you have some options. You could strap on your running shoes and brave the elements (and the people on the sidewalk). You could pack up your gym bag and travel to your local gym. Or you could even imitate a pre-recorded workout on your television. All could be effective, but they’re less than ideal ways to work up a sweat. Enter WeTrain.

WeTrain: For Homebodies working on Their Summer Bodies


WeTrain is a service that brings highly qualified personal trainers to wherever you are. You can work out in your living room, a nearby park, or your office (assuming that’s cool with your coworkers). No more improvising a routine, lax accountability on those push-ups, and no more commuting to your gym. You can decide what kind of routine works best for you, based on your goals. And you can also shower in your own shower afterward!

By now you should be looking and feeling healthy thanks to Carried Away Chefs,  Zeel, and WeTrain. You should also feel the comforts of a clean, carefully managed environment, thanks to Hello Alfred. All the while, you’ve been able to stay in your current home. You haven’t had to call a mover, assemble or disassemble furniture, or perform any complicated manual labor. But even if you don’t move, what if you did have to do something like that? If the sight of an IKEA Allen wrench gives you anxiety, then you should definitely check out TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit: Handyman Services in the Palm of Your Hand


TaskRabbit has been the go-to platform for contract labor since launching in 2008. It offers a broad range of home-related services, through its vast network of “taskers.” Once you describe your project, TaskRabbit sends your inquiry to the capable movers, handymen, electricians in your area. All you need to do is pick a tasker, schedule an appointment, and watch those bookshelves come to life! So if you’re not so handy, or you’re just too busy, TaskRabbit is another essential for your amenities toolkit. It’s great for IKEA furniture assembly, too. Especially since IKEA acquired it in the Fall of 2017. Now enjoy all that free time!


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