At Elika Real Estate, we’re committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service. Our commitment to excellence is why we function as an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent. As a result of that position, we’re able to prioritize exactly what our clients want. Not only are we able to provide this high level of service, but were able to do so without charging buyers a fee. Instead of a buyer paying out of pocket for our service, our payment comes from sellers.

Since providing the best possible service is so important to us, we’re always looking for new ways to make things even easier for our clients. One topic that has come on many occasions is that clients wish selling a home was as easy as we make buying one. Although this is something we’ve personally wanted to do for clients, it simply wouldn’t work as a result of our exclusive commitment to buyers.

Making selling as easy as possible without compromising our commitment to buyers is why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with Carlton Residential.

Why We Partnered with Carlton Residential

Carlton Residential is obviously not the only firm that sells New York City real estate. However, the reason they stood out from a long list of potential partners is that they have the same commitment to fantastic service as we do. Just like Elika Real Estate, Carlton Residential specializes in working with discerning clients.

Global reach, attention to detail, exceptional customer service and having the ability to maximize results are the key traits of Carlton Residential that led to formalizing this partnership. Because the company was established by a talented group of international entrepreneurs, their team includes multi-lingual professional brokers and sales agents with both American and European educations. This makes Carlton Residential an excellent fit for both domestic and international clients.

How Our Partnership Will Make It Easier Than Ever to Sell Your Home

If you’re looking for a firm that offers 1-on-1 relationships, optimal marketing coverage, ideal exposure, personal attention and consistent updates, look no further than Carlton Residential. By taking advantage of our partnership when the time comes to sell your home, Carlton Residential will make the selling process as easy and fast as possible with a maximum capital return on your property.

For more information about topics like what sellers can expect to pay in closing costs, be sure to take a look at our official resource page for selling your home. And if you have any questions about how our new partnership will help you sell your home, please give Carlton Residential a call at (212) 658-0817


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