I pride myself in knowing where all the cool and hip places are in New York City. My friends and I will go to clubs without names on the door, stores in Williamsburg with the hottest new clothes, and restaurants that just opened in the West Village. But there’s always more to see and do in New York, and som
Superfuture touts itself as “urban cartography for global shopping experts” — basically, they provide extensive maps, reviews, and guides to everything that is cool in a certain city. Based in Tokyo, Japan, this website charts all majoetimes the best options aren’t included in the newest edition of Not For Tourists, the little black book on many bookshelves of New Yorkers. So where do you go to find the real deal on the right goods?
The “supertalk” section allows users to give feedback and chat on message boards, while “schnaps” is a collection of photos from various parts of the world. Even though most big cities are covered, the information is not lacking. The maps are the most impressive part of the site, giving visitors a colorful array of places to visit in each part of the city. (Check out the SoHo map and try to count how many haute couture vendors are on one street.)r cities in the world, from Shanghai, China, to Sydney, Australia. Want to know where to find the Louis Vuitton store in both Paris and New York? Superfuture will show you exactly where to go, and give you tips on how to get there and what to expect.
Itching for something to do on the weekend? The “news” section highlights happenings all over the world. From art gallery openings to book signings, gives you contact information to RSVP to some of the hottest events in the city. Leaving NYC? Check out and get hooked up with insider information that you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll be walking down the Champs L’Elysee like a true Parisian in no time.


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