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    A Co-op Board Can Derail Your Low Offer

    By Hannah Warne October 8, 2016
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    It’s a long-told New York tale: the battle of East versus West. The two halves of Manhattan are compared continuously, and it’s a never-ending battle to see which comes out on top. The part that most people overlook, however, is that each of Manhattan’s hemispheres—though very different—has its perks.

    The East and West Village are two of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods and for a good reason. With outstanding amenities, beautiful housing opportunities and rich history, these two areas embody classic New York charm.

    West Village


    East Village vs. West Village
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    The West Village is arguably New York’s most desired neighborhood over the past few years. The average sales price per square foot lands at $2,393 SF with a median price of $3.23 million and average monthly rental cost at $3,810, pricing reflective of the demand for real estate in this neighborhood. New high-end condominium developments and stunning, classic brownstones are both sought-after options in the area, with co-ops and apartments available as well. With charming architecture, picturesque streets and a quiet, residential feeling, the West Village will surely feel like a home.

    Situated conveniently along the Hudson River running trail and near many upscale boutiques, high-end restaurants, and lavish bars, the West Village sits squarely among many of New York’s trendy hotspots like delightful Buvette and Sant Ambroeus. Though there is limited subway access from the 1/2/3 and L trains, a commute to New Jersey is swift and easy with access to the PATH train at several locations.

    East Village


    East Village vs. West Village


    The East Village, on the other hand, has a much more eclectic vibe that the West. Traditionally thought of as an artist’s haven, the East Village’s historical grunge, and diverse history shine through, making the neighborhood hip and in-demand. Here, the sales price per square foot comes in at $1,577 SF with the median price falling at $1.93 million and an average rental cost of $2,725 per month, making it a more affordable alternative to the West Village.

    In the East Village, unlike the West, rentals are in much higher demand than purchases with high-end condominiums, traditional pre-war walk-ups and tenement buildings making up the majority of housing. In addition to new development, there are also the well-known, large-scale developments Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village that are situated on the northern edge of the East Village between 14th and 20th street.

    Scattered throughout the East Village is a plethora of small parks including Tompkins Square Park and Stuyvesant Square where residents can enjoy time outdoors and go for a leisurely stroll. The streets—especially on St. Marks and in Alphabet City—are lined with restaurants carrying various cuisine, dives and upscale establishments alike. Though the West Village has a nightlife scene, one thrives in the East Village making it a weekend destination for young people across the greater New York area.

    Both areas feature stunning architecture, a variety of amenities and are a favorite neighborhood for young professionals, families and couples alike – there is no wrong choice. No matter if you end up in the East or West Village, you will have access to all of the best New York City has to offer.

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