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The Elika Method® is a free referral service built on human relationships with proven track records, not algorithms, connecting you with the Best Los Angeles Real Estate Buyers Agents you can count on.


L.A. Real Estate Buyers AgentsOur Los Angeles Network of Buyers Agents is made up of experienced agents and brokers who have agreed to our oversight of their work with you. Upon completing our Custom Search form, we will connect you with a buyers agent best suited to your individual needs, whether it be a luxurious Beverly Hills Mansion, Condo in West Hollywood or a Coastal Venice Home.

While many services promise to connect you with the best agent. However, they fall short due to their platforms being built on algorithms instead of long-term human relationships validated by proven successful track records, such as the Elika Method®.

It takes the right buyers agent to understand your needs.

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Our Process

1. We want to hear all about what entails your “dream home.” Let us know your desired neighborhood, what size lot would make you happy, the number of bedrooms, and your budget. There is no detail too small for us to consider. This helps us match you with a top buyer’s agent since they have different specialties.

2. We do the heavy lifting for you. We take your information and analyze it. We consider a variety of factors, such as the neighborhood you like, type of property, and price range. However, we do not stop with this necessary information. We delve deeper, examining an agent’s history of experience, neighborhood knowledge, ability to identify properties with the potential to outperform, data analysis, negotiation skills, close rate and client testimonials. Then, we can compare it to our exclusive database of agents to find the best fit for you.

3. We personally review every request. We will contact you if we need any additional information to fill your quest to match you with the right agent. We take the guesswork out of selecting an agent. Once we have all the information, we will make the introduction.

Why choose an Elika agent?

Elika Real Estate screens agents based on a host of factors. These include track record, expertise, and reputation, an understanding of price trends, local schools, and access to listings before they hit the market. We ensure that Elika selected agents are responsive, reliable, and have the knowledge of local markets that you need to make a smart purchase. You can rest assured that your buyer agent will be honest and professional.

Elika Real Estate is an independent exclusive buyers agency that networks with the leading real estate buyer agents in not only Los Angeles, but nationwide.

L.A. Real Estate Buyers AgentsElika Real Estate ensures that our extensive Los Angeles network of pre-screened real estate buyer agents will connect you with the right agent for your individual needs. We provide you with immediate access to the leading agents, which we ensure possess the strong industry relationships necessary to provide you with access to the best properties. Elika selected buyer agents help you succeed in buying the right Los Angeles home for the right price.

Our buyer agents customize a unique offer strategy that will enable you to properly compete for the property you wish to buy. When purchasing a property, there are a wide variety of factors to consider, such as the current market characteristics (e.g., buyer’s or seller’s market) as well as individual circumstances, including how long the property has been listed, if the property is overpriced or underpriced, and whether the property has already been in escrow (which may indicate the seller is motivated).

Our network of pre-screened and selected buyer agents are experienced, top rated, and have solid track records. Our recommended agents assess your wish list, needs and wants, which they prioritize to create a list of properties. Experienced buyer agents don’t waste your time trying to sell you on any one particular property. Rather, they make sure that all viable options worth considering have been explored. They go a step further by previewing potential properties to see if they fit your criteria, and schedule viewings at your convenience.

Leading agents in our network also have strong relationships with listing agents, ensuring access to all properties that may be of interest.

Buyer’s Agent Services

  • Listen and learn buyers needs
  • Shortlist the best available properties
  • Schedule homes for your viewing convenience
  • Once a property is of interest, our buyer agents perform a comparable market analysis to estimate fair value
  • Discuss potential repairs and/or remodeling, with the associated costs
  • Research and gather information on the seller’s motivation and explore other facts that may be advantageous to the buyer
  • Based on a comparable market analysis and our due diligence, our buyer agents suggest an offer price and terms
  • Negotiate with listing agent and or seller to reach an accepted offer

    How are L.A Real Estate Buyer’s Agents Paid?

    Los Angeles Buyers Agents are compensated as any other Broker and paid through the proceeds of the sale. Customarily, fees for real estate brokerage have been “built-in” to the sales price of the property. When a house or apartment sells, half of the 5% or 6% commission is paid to the real estate company that brings in the Buyer and the other half is kept by the listing company, representing the Seller. There is no fees or added cost to buyers.


    Ready to find an L.A. home?

    It takes the right buyers agent to understand your needs. Let us connect you with a top-rated buyer expert to search, filter and send you the best available Los Angeles Homes for sale that matches your specific needs: Request a CUSTOM SEARCH or CALL: 1-866-859-2619


    Los Angeles Neighborhoods Serviced

    • Bel Air
    • Beverly Hills
    • Beverly Hills Post Office
    • Beverlywood
    • Brentwood
    • Century City
    • Cheviot Hills
    • Culver City
    • Hancock Park
    • Hollywood
    • Hollywood Hills
    • Los Feliz

    • Malibu
    • Marina Del Rey
    • Rancho Park
    • Santa Monica
    • Studio City
    • Silver Lake
    • Sunset Strip
    • Pacific Palisades
    • Venice
    • West Los Angeles
    • West Hollywood
    • Venice




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