• A Season by season Guide to Maintaining your NYC Home

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    By John English February 26, 2018
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    One thing you’ll learn with home ownership is that maintenance is a must. If you want to protect your investment it’s important that you stay on top of things that can go wrong with your home. The easiest way to do that is with the seasonal maintenance of key things at the right time of year. This approach ensures that you can keep small problems from ballooning into bigger ones. Some of these you can do yourself while for others it’s best to hire a professional.


    A Season by season Guide to Maintaining your NYC Home



    Spring is a good time to give your house a good once-over.

    • The Roof – Check the roof for any loose or broken shingles. Inspect the chimney for any signs of wear and make any needed repairs.
    • HVAC systems – If you have central air and heat call your HVAC technician and schedule a maintenance check. This will increase their efficiency and save you on energy bills.
    • Plumbing – Check all your pipes for any leaks. Also check the ceiling for any tell-tale water stains, a sign of a leak in the wall. Fix whatever you can yourself and call a plumber for what you can’t.


    Summer is a time for enjoying your home but there are still a few things that must be done.

    • Inspect for pests – As the weather warms pests tend to emerge. Some infestations, like ants, can be dealt with yourself. Others, like termites, require professional assistance. Schedule a visit by a pest control company and take measures to reduce the chance of infestation such as sealing up any holes and sweeping away any debris.
    • Monitor mold and mildew – Summer humidity can also lead to mold and mildew. Inspect all areas and if you find any use a dehumidifier.
    • Home improvement projects – Summer is the best time for any home improvement projects. Perform any paint touch-ups and repair any exterior damages.


    Fall is all about preparing for the winter. Once you’ve done the annual fall cleaning ensure that everything is in working order for winter.

    • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – Fall is usually the time when this should be done. Replace the batteries in your detectors and do a test to ensure they’re still functioning.
    • Service the boiler – It’s now approaching the time when your boiler will be working overtime. Change the filter and inspect it for any cracks or damage. If possible, have a professional service it.
    • Weatherstrip windows and doors – Check the seals around your doors and windows to ensure they’re as energy efficient as possible.


    Winter need not be the time of your discontent. Although this is the time for buckling down there are still some things you can do for preparing your home.

    • Frozen pipes – Frozen pipes can lead to cracks and water damage. If you have any outdoor faucets shut them down and drain them before the cold weather hits. Insulate what pipes you can and keep an eye on your thermostat.
    • Inspect fire extinguishers – It’s good to do this every season but with increased kitchen activity over winter now is a good time to do it. Check the pressure gauge and inspect it for any cracks or missing parts.
    • Stock up on supplies – if you have a fireplace or stove stock up on firewood. Also have plenty of ice melt for clearing your steps or driveway.

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