Unhappy Realtor

New York City real estate can be a tough market and if you’re a seller you probably have your eyes set on two prizes, selling fast and at the highest price possible. Real estate agents know this and love to see the enthusiasm in a seller but if you get in the way you can cause more harm than good. Here are five things sellers do that drive their agent’s crazy.

Trying to convince the agent that the home is worth more than it is

If you’ve picked an experienced realtor then they know how to price a home. Every agent has a system which ensures a price is competitive and takes all aspects of the property and current market into account. Some sellers though will argue that the price is not good enough, usually by overhyping upgrades. What seems like a bonus to you might not be so to a buyer.

Sticking around for the show

There are good reasons why agents don’t like it when owners stick around during a showing or open house. If you do this then you’re being a third wheel. Buyers already have a bit of apprehension when viewing a property, this only increases when the owners are home. It feels like they (the buyers) are intruding. The real estate agent is there to encourage offers and showcase the property. Your presence there only makes this more difficult and there’s always the chance that you’ll say something which drives the buyer away.

Promising repairs but not following through

If you’re going to do any repairs just make sure you do them before the house hits the market. Sometimes sellers will say to buyers that they plan to make repairs which to the buyers becomes an expectation. But what if those repairs are expensive or you change your mind? Not following through on repairs can cause deals to fall through or upset the relationship between the agent and seller. Don’t promise any repairs unless you’ve budgeted for them and completely certain you intend to fix them.

Giving agents no room to breath

Until you’re on the market it’s hard to know what you’re going to get. Selling your home might be the only thing on your mind but your agent will have other things that call for his attention as well. A seller who constantly needs the agents undivided attention or who tries to micromanage every step of the process can wear down an agent fast. Unless it’s an emergency put the phone down and take a deep breath. An agent who isn’t constantly being pestered will be able to do a better job.

Not keeping the home tidy

It’s a bit harder to entice potential buyers if you can’t keep the house tidy and clean. You may have had professional photos that were taken and expert staging done but it’s still your responsibility to keep the home in order. Not keeping cleanliness to a certain standard makes the home look like it’s worth less than it’s on the market for and forces the agent to do a last minute clean before doing a showing.


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