The 2010s have seen the age of amenities come into full swing. Apartment rental communities are now in a constant race to keep up with each other to stay competitive. In New York, where properties go for a premium, rentals that give the most bang for their buck are more appealing to prospective residents. Keep reading to learn about the 7 most important NYC amenities.

1. Fitness Centers

According to the National Apartment Association’s recent report “Adding Value in the Age of Amenities Wars,” fitness centers are still the most popular amenity. Having a convenient place to work out is an incredibly attractive commodity, especially when apartments usually don’t offer vast square footage.

2. Pet-Friendly Communities

New Yorkers love their pets and communities that accommodate man’s best friend rank high in popularity. Pet owners make up a whopping 66% of renters, so appealing to this group is important for any property manager. Popular pet-friendly amenities include offering dog waste disposal areas, dog parks, and on-site grooming stations.

3. Business Centers

The rise of technology has steadily made work-from-home and telecommuting positions more common. Therefore, having a quiet and neutral place to work is in high demand. Business centers make it possible for residents to hold conference calls in a professional atmosphere, which is especially beneficial if one has a roommate or small children.

4. Walkability

Walkability is a huge plus for anyone in New York. Being near conveniences like a pharmacy, grocery store, subway station, or bus route has huge perks for urban residents. The less one has to walk to reach basic necessities, the better. This lifestyle is often called the “live work play” model and it’s been gaining momentum in the recent years.

5. Free Wi-Fi

Complimentary Wi-Fi for guests and residents is becoming more of a package deal in rentals. Properties in New York are some of the most expensive in the nation, so getting the best deal is important to renters. Saving $80 per month on Internet charges sweetens the terms of the lease enough to be a deciding factor in choosing one apartment over another.

6. Updated Interiors

Apartments with new appliances and a fresh look will be more appealing to residents. Prospective renters will often look online at photos of the property’s interior. Apartments that have shiny new appliances will often get selected over a property of a similar price that has an outdated interior. Sleek updates convey to renters that the property manager cares about the renter’s happiness and comfort.

7. A Convenient Way to Pay

Bringing modern conveniences into the residential game is important. Offering an online portal where residents can pay rent and request repairs can help them get the help they need from the property manager anytime, not just during business hours.

These amenities can set a community apart from the competition and compel New York renters to sign one lease over another.


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