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A no-nonsense, easy to understand guide that cuts through all the confusion and provides the information you need to buy the Condo or Co-op you want.
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Home Buying VS Renting Infographic

Elika Real-Estate has pulled statistics and survey data together into this infographic to simply show what home owners and renters say about buying VS renting a house or apartment. See what number of home owners feel that buying a home was the best investment they ever made. The pros and cons breakdown shows all the advantages and disadvantages to buying or renting a house or apartment and data on what home owners feel are the top three reasons their home was a great investment. Learn what percent of renters are planning on buying a home in the next two years and how that number has changed since 2011.

They have also provided year over year data on the current state of the real-estate market in the following four areas: 1. Asking prices on homes for sale. 2. Construction starts 3. Existing Home Sales 4. Delinquency and foreclosures.

See how mortgage rates have trended from 1986 to 2013 and where to find free resources on mortgage rates, mortgage requirements and a mortgage calculator. Elika provides a comprehensive "First Time Home Buyers Guide" free PDF download to help resolve questions and concerns for potential home buyers.


Buying VS Renting a Home Infographic

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Home Buying vs Renting Infographic

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