TestimonialsOur clients are buyers, people with real estate needs, investors, New Yorkers, out of state and international buyers. Because of our experience in real estate matters and skill in negotiating we appeal to the broad spectrum of investors in the real estate market from first home buyers to seasoned investors. Our clients are not only individuals but also different types of organizations and institutions and both public and private companies

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Buying real estate in NYC is an extremely daunting task. With Jillian Maslow and Elika’s help, however, our entire process went seamlessly. Providing expert guidance in every aspect, Jillian attended a number of open houses with us, readily armed with dozens of questions that we didn’t have the expertise to ask ourselves. After finding an ideal apartment for us, she helped negotiate a fair price and even connected us with an excellent lawyer to help push through the paperwork. Jillian devoted weeks to the truly staggering task of assembling our board package, her calm demeanor and helpful attitude proving essential to getting all the pieces together in a timely manner. She coached us through our board interview and finally accompanied us to closing to make sure all loose ends were tied up. She was absolutely essential and a joy to work with every step of the way – we would not have been able to do it without her!

Jesse and Hannah


My wife and I met Gea by chance after walking into a random open house in the upper east side. A dozen or so properties later, he found us a new home in NYC.

At first, we talked about what our budget was, and what was important to us and what wasn’t. He showed us a range of properties, and after feedback on the first couple he really figured out what we were after. Practically every property that he showed us was one that we could have seen ourselves buying, which was great – and the one that we found was truly outstanding.

Throughout the whole process, he was very professional. There was never any pressure to close quickly, and he repeatedly said that we would keep looking until we found a good place and that sometimes it happens quickly, and sometimes it takes a long time. When we were closing, he worked hard to get everything done quickly and correctly, but again didn’t set undo pressure. He reassured us that if it didn’t work out (it did), we’d just have to keep looking. Throughout the whole process, he was always happy to spend time with us to explain the process and to travel to meet us.

I’m not sure what else I could ask for from a buyer’s broker – I’ve recommended Gea to all of my friends.

Martin K


“It’s great to have a broker whom you know is entirely on your side, and in it to make sure that you have the best outcome. Denise was very diligent in finding listings that fit our criteria for sq footage, location, price range, etc. while also looking for her unique take on whether or not a prospect would be a fit for us. So we did not waste time on apartments that we would never have bid on, such as those needing extensive renovations. She met us at every appointment and went into the apartment with the same keen eye as you would look at yourself. In one case, she noted a flat landing outside of the kitchen window (not for use as a terrace) and inquired about how the area drained water which could have caused damage to the kitchen wall, something I would never have thought of to ask. After a long delay in approval of our bid, Denise advised us to write a letter to the owner to personalize ourselves. She has excellent instincts for negotiations and for what might be appropriate as next steps. Highly recommended.

Rosa La


As a first time renter in the US and Brooklyn, I needed a lot of help in understanding the market. Gemma was super hands-on, showed us around and made the whole experience very pleasant and time efficient. From helping to narrowing down the search, to understanding and negotiating costs and setting up visits. I was initially concerned about the broker fee but the deal we got because of Gemma’s help made up for it right away. Very much recommend Elika and Gemma for anyone who is looking to get a lease in New York.

Nills W


Gemma found our dream home. She was extremely helpful, professional and she immediately understood what we were looking for. She showed us multiple fantastic options and took care of everything to make the otherwise pretty painful process a walk in the park.

Robert L


I just purchased an apartment in West Village and Gea was a huge help during the entirety of the process.  From the beginning of my search, he put in a lot of effort researching apartments that fit my criteria and during apartment viewings he always asked the right questions and had my best interest in mind.  From being in New York for so many years and having so much experience with what he does, he was very knowledgeable about the process from start to end.  Even after closing, e was able to recommend great contractors and movers.  I highly recommend Gea for anyone who wishes to move to New York!

Kaitlyn W


My wife and I just purchased a co-op in the Village with Gea Elika and we couldn’t be happier with his service. Gea was the PERFECT partner in a daunting process. Here are some highlights of our experience:

  1. Gea knew the aesthetic we were looking for and didn’t waste our time with anything else.
  2. Gea won TWO bidding wars for us, but was always careful not to overbid (he even kept us in line when we were tempted to bid too much). The first property fell through on the seller’s end.
  3. Gea never showed us properties outside of our price range.
  4. Gea provided recommendations for us for other necessary parts of this process including mortgage lender and real estate attorney.
  5. Lastly, whoever you hire for your home search will be spending a lot of time with you – pretty much every Sunday from the time you get serious. You want to be comfortable with this person and enjoy their company. Gea is a dream in this department.

Gea is the consummate pro at the NYC market. We can’t thank him enough for helping us secure our new home. I will recommend him highly to every friend looking to buy in New York.

Mark L


We had a great experience with Gemma & Elika! Not only did she find the perfect apartment, but was also able to negotiate the rent down $600!! She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful along every step of the way through signing the lease paperwork. We’ll definitely recommend Gemma/Elika to our friends.

Jacky T


Gea from Elika real estate represented me as a buyers broker and helped me find the perfect townhouse in Brooklyn. If anyone is looking for a home I highly recommend working with a buyers agent and contacting Gea. His sole motivation was to ensure we found the perfect home and investment, so that down the line if we sell or move again we return to his agency. He searched long and hard until we found what we needed and negotiated well and got us our home at the price we were after.

Tull P


Gea recently acted as my buyers agent for my Manhattan condo purchase. I was so lucky to have found Gea and can highly recommend him as a buyers agent. I can’t stress how important it was to have an independent buyers agent acting on my behalf. Don’t let the sellers Agent represent you!! I was working on my purchase from Abroad so it was important to have an agent who understood the NY market. When I came to NY to view apartments, he was honest and open about his views on each of the apartments we saw and I felt like he wanted to help me find the right apartment, not just get a deal done. Gea and his team exceeded all expectations. They very responsive to emails and in the end found the right apartment. His negotiating skills helped secure the best deal possible. I can’t imagine navigating the complexities of the NY real estate market without a trusted advisor and advocate like Gea. Through every step of the process, he and his team were immensely helpful. I don’t think we would have gotten to closing without his assistance. I highly recommend speaking to Gea or any of his team before you go out and look on your own.

Tim Sone


Gemma Hamilton from Elika Associates was extremely helpful in finding our ideal condo in Brooklyn. As a buyer’s realtor, she had only our interest in the search. She fine-tuned the search according to our needs and all the properties she showed us were to our specifications. She was very patient till we found the right place and never did she pressurize us into any decision. We are out-of-town buyers and Gemma along with Gea Elika were instrumental in educating us about the Brooklyn condo market. They provided us with timely news articles that helped our search. They referred our attorney and mortgage broker, both of whom were a pleasure to work with.
I would highly recommend any buyer to use the services of Gemma.

Raj P


After having extremely frustrating experiences with other brokers, I reached out to Elika to help me find a new apartment. I worked with Gemma Hamilton, and she was amazingly helpful. Gemma took the time to understand what I was looking for, did the research, and presented me with a great selection of apartments. Throughout the process, I felt like she was advocating for me, and helping understand the ins and outs of the apartments I was considering. I ended up in a place that I love and highly recommend Elika and Gemma.

Aaron S


Loved working with Elika for my condo purchase!  Elika is a small boutique buyers-only firm. It made such a difference in my experience buying my first home.  With Elika I felt that the whole team there were really invested in my specific situation, and in my corner throughout the experience.  That was quite a difference from how I felt when I dealt with the big real estate firms in NYC (you know who they are), where I felt like a cog in the wheel, and that the agents there are sometimes playing all angles.  The Elika team protects their clients and their integrity like you would expect from a small business. My agent was Jillian – she is amazing!  Jillian is experienced, professional, and intuitive about what I would like in a property.  I never felt rushed, despite my lengthy search, and she kept me going through the inevitable hiccups everyone encounters when buying in NYC.  She made me feel confident through the purchase and made it fun. Thanks Elika and Jillian!

Natasha K


Jillian was easy to work with and helped us find the perfect place. I highly recommend her and the Elika team!

Doug Roller


Denise is an exemplary licensed real estate agent who will go the extra mile for her clients. She found the perfect co-op for me in less than 10 days. She was vital in winning the bidding war for the sought-after apartment. Denise also saved me more than twenty thousand dollars with her valuation of the property that allowed me to offer a winning bid without overpaying. She did the legwork and provided listings based on my preferences, scheduled appointments with the sellers’ agents to view the properties, performed a comparative market analysis to assess the value of the chosen properties, negotiated with the seller’s agent, presented the purchase offer, coordinated with the real estate attorney with the required purchase documents, and put together the board package. Denise’s expert knowledge, tireless efforts, and dedication made the home purchase less daunting. I highly recommend her without hesitation.



Elika represented me as Buyer’s Broker during the purchase of my first apartment in nyc. He is very knowledgeable on the market and was extremely pleasant to deal with. He made the entire process go very smoothly and painlessly, explaining everything behind the scenes along the way. From introduction, viewing multiple apartments, introduction to an attorney for representation, price negotiation, putting together/signing the contract, interviews with the Co-op board, all the way through the closing, Gea was there every step of the way. He always had my best interests close at hand, was always very accessibly and responsive, and am incredibly pleased with the apartment I now live in. I would recommend his services to acquaintances and friends alike

Anthony P


Gea is even better than what we could ever imagine. We found him through NAEBA. Very nice guy. He doesn’t require any upfront commitment, which is a huge risk for him, AND he was not pushing any deal. Gea is very professional in dealing with all kinds of people. But what we value the most, is his honesty. He is not just trying to say something that we want to hear, but what he thinks is right, based on his experience. Over the three months, we’ve gone through tons of different apartments. Even though he’s very busy, he was always there. He also patiently and promptly answered all of our questions. During the negotiating process, he was very professional. For the first apartment we bid for, we walked away because Gea told us that the price the seller asked for was ridiculous. Finally, we found our dream home, with Gea’s help. I don’t know what else you could expect from a broker.

Nathan Xu


I had a great experience working with Elika Real Estate. Gea is a highly skilled professional who helped me through the property buying process from start to finish. As a foreign buyer I had additional issues to work out and Gea was very helpful and generous with his time. Whether a native New Yorker or foreign buyer I’m sure you’ll get top-notch advice. I couldn’t be happier.

Ben Pogue


As first-time home-buyers, we needed a lot of guidance through the process of figuring out fair value, negotiating the price, and figuring out the other details involved. Gea could not have been more gracious in answering all of our questions and making sure that we were informed buyers.

Ryan Norris


I just closed on a condo on the UWS. It was a tricky closing due to a difficult board but with Elika I always felt as though I was 100% looked after. They know the market and making buying in NYC as easy as possible. Highly recommend their services.

Alexis Fishman


As first time home buyers in the New York area we had no idea what to expect and only knew we had a daunting task ahead of us. Due to several factors we had a very complicated closing, but Sara was absolutely wonderful and helped us keep calm.As first time home buyers in the New York area we had no idea what to expect and only knew we had a daunting task ahead of us. Due to several factors we had a very complicated closing, but Sara was absolutely wonderful and helped us keep calm. From the very beginning, it was clear she had only our interest in mind. She helped us with every step, even after we were in contract. I highly recommend Elika Real Estate and especially Sara Yap, a wonderful professional who really knows the industry.

Maria Gallego


We contacted Gea Elika after 3 months of conducting our own search in Manhattan through Street Easy and going to Open Houses on weekends. We were originally thinking that by going to Open Houses, we would eventually meet an agent whose style matched ours and whose knowledge of the market was suited for what we were looking for. Finding the right agent in New York City turned out to be a tougher task. Buying your home any time anywhere is one of the biggest decisions you make, but it becomes that much bigger in NYC where you’re making a sizable investment especially in a hot market. Getting the right advice over saving a few thousand dollars or shaving a few months to rush into a decision was very important to us. The process for us was much more about working with an agent who was patient and consultative to help us through our own thinking about this decision. We didn’t know this going into it (as much as we thought we did) and that was one of the most invaluable parts of working with Gea and his approach.

After getting a bit of experience going through Manhattan open houses and interacting with several agents, I decided to search for buyers’ agents and found Gea. Since he didn’t require us to lock into any agreement with him right away, we saw it as low risk to work with Gea for a few weeks to see if he was the right fit. Gea worked with us through our initial set of requirements and spent the time to listen and help refine our search. One advice I would offer to any home buyer, especially in NYC, is to stay engaged in the process and regularly offer feedback to your agent (assuming you have one that listens well!)

Our search once we started working with Gea took 6 months before we entered into contract. We started out looking in lower Manhattan but ended up buying a brownstone in Brooklyn. The inventory was low so any properties we were interested in often had multiple offers from the first open house. We put in 3 serious offers (in both Manhattan and Brooklyn) that we lost out on to higher or all cash offers. We had numerous places that we considered putting offers in on but the savvy advice of Gea, backed by his experience as well as facts and data he would research and provide us, helped us avoid the wrong investments or places that ultimately wouldn’t meet our wants and needs. This was really important and helped further establish our trust in Gea. He wasn’t in it to make a quick commission which became apparent when he advised against certain offers. Gea’s circle of recommended references from mortgage brokers to home inspectors was another invaluable part of the experience of working with him that helped us put together the right team.

I’m happy to say that we’ve been living in our new home for a month and a half. We are happy with our decision and couldn’t have done this in a very hot market without Gea. In summary he top reasons we recommend Gea are:

– he invested the time to look at properties with us and listened to our feedback
– he invested the time in researching the right price when we put in offers
– he advised against the wrong investments based on his experience and knowledge of NYC real estate
– he never pushed a property for a higher price or a higher offer just to close

Gea earned our trust and future references.

Houdad Javidnia


I have successfully acquired two New York City condo properties with the help of Gea Elika from Elika Real Estate. I have had the pleasure of working with Elika Real Estate and being represented by Mr. Elika for approximately four years. Mr. Elika has proved to be a consummate professional and shown a true and deep understanding of the Manhattan property market. On both purchases he provided us with a detailed comprehensive value analysis and negotiated the most favorable terms. As a result, our New York investments have performed very well and proved to be the right decisions.

Elika Real Estate has also managed each of the properties since purchased and consistently achieved a record rent roll for their respective product type and neighborhood. I highly recommend choosing Gea Elika as your exclusive buyer’s agent based on the results that we have experienced.

Richard Weinberg


My family and I had a wonderful and very successful experience working with Gea. I started my search for a real estate broker hoping to find somebody honest, hardworking, and knowledgable. Gea was all of those things and more. As a buyer’s agent, he truly cares about the buyer’s specific needs. He was very patient with us and explained everything we needed to know about the New York City real estate market. Our needs were particularly unique and probably more narrow than what most agents would want to deal with. Gea really bent over backwards to help us get the perfect condo. Gea was with us every step of the way. Before we even knew the location or condo type we were looking for, Gea helped us figure out where to begin. The minute a potential match popped up on the market, Gea gave us all the information about the listing. When we were ready to visit a condo, he made it happen when it was convenient for US. Finally, when we were ready to make an offer, he stepped up to the plate and fought for us to end up on top of the bidding war. Even after the closing, he was there to offer guidance. We could not be more happy and we cannot recommend him enough. Thanks Gea.

Steve da Costa


Rebecca Wu is one of the best brokers I have met not only because of her professionalism but also her attention to detail and extreme patience with the long difficult process during my search for housing.

I was a young professional fresh out of college looking for an apartment in New York City. Having never really lived in the city, the experience of looking for housing was daunting, not to mention I did not have any guarantors who lived in the tri-state area. After learning about my tight schedule with work and my situation, Rebecca took note of my preferences and helped me to find the perfect place within a few days. It was a fast and efficient process and the experience became a lot easier with her help. In every step of the application process, she was there offering me suggestions while seeing the process through with the agent. Even after I have moved-in to the new apartment, she asked about the living situation and made sure I had no problems with the apartment.

Rebecca is truly a responsible and caring person, and I feel very happy that I was able to receive her help in this process. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for housing in New York City.

Susan Gao


Elika Associates are by far the best real estate firm I have worked with in New York City. Gea acted as broker for the rental of our Condo in Manhattan and did a superb job. He found a tenant before the property even hit the market and at a price that was beyond my expectations. The whole process was a breeze. Having worked with numerous brokers in NYC it was refreshing to deal with someone who is genuine, honest, efficient, professional and at the same time lots of fun.

The sort of guy you would feeling confident doing a deal over the shake of a hand. Gea continues to go out of his way to help out. For example checking up on the work of flooring contractors, painters and cleaners for me when I’m out of town. Elika Associates were introduced to me by a friend and I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Gea if you are looking to buy or rent out a property in NYC.

Myles Glashier


We were very fortunate to be introduced to Gea by a trusted friend for whom he had recently found a lovely condo on the East side. At the time we knew that we wanted to stop paying rent and invest in our residence, but we really didn’t have any idea what or where would fit our needs. Gea spent a great deal of time helping us understand our options and showing us units in various neighborhoods.

His patience paid off and he found the perfect unit to meet our needs in Battery Park. He knows the market, he focuses on his client’s needs, and by working only for the buyer he never tries to push any property. We’ve been here 3 years now, and we’re still very pleased to have worked with Gea. I highly recommend him for any prospective buyer–you won’t be disappointed.

Steve Lieberman


I have had a great experience with Gea from Elika Real Estate who was instrumental in not only sourcing high quality investment prospects but helping me navigate the New York real estate market, procure financing and purchase from abroad. Gea was responsive and gave well informed and balanced views on all potential properties. Since acquiring an investment property Gea and the team have managed the property for me seamlessly. If i was to buy again Gea would be my man on the ground!

Edward Bostock


I really enjoyed working with Gea Elika of Elika Real Estate. This experience was everything we had hoped for from a buyer’s agent. Mr. Elika demonstrated excellent service in helping us find the right property, and not just any property that he could just collect a commission on and walk away. He walked us through the buying process as first time investors in great detail and gave us first class representation. His experience and knowledge of the marketplace helped us navigate the market with confidence and ease. I look forward to working with Mr. Elika in the future and highly recommend Elika Real Estate for anyone looking for an exclusive buyer’s agency.

Jenny Goodman


I had a wonderful experience working with Gea at Elika Associates – his professionalism and dedication helped me smoothly purchase my first apartment in New York. To begin with, the website is fantastic with a great service to alert you to apartments that fit your criteria. His guidance on what property to look for was key as a first time buyer and his access to resources is great. Having closed less than a week ago, I am looking forward to many happy memories and years in my new apartment and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to friends or family and would definitely use his services again in the future.

Chris Millsom


I worked with a buyer’s agent from Elika, Megan McGinn, for my Manhattan co-op purchase. As a first-time buyer, I found Megan’s advice and guidance invaluable. She made what initially seemed like a scary and daunting process a lot less complicated. Buying a co-op can almost seem like having a second job at times. But with Megan it was a lot easier because she handled so many details that I would have never had the time for had I been doing this on my own. I also had to leave town for 2 weeks right before my board application was due but I still made the deadline solely due to Megan’s assistance. For anyone looking to buy an apartment in NYC, I highly recommend that you call Megan first.

Deborah Y


Great company. Gea Elika knows New York real estate from top to bottom. He represented me twice , once in acquiring an investment property which is yielding good results, the other purchasing my current residence. I was impressed on both occasions with his knowledge of Manhattan real estate, attention to detail and negotiating skills. If your looking for a place in NY i’d highly recommend you consider his services.

Tull Price


We want to send a personal thank you to your company for your help in finding our new home, and particularly call your attention to the outstanding job that Ben Nitti did for us. Though this is the first time we have made a purchase in New York City, it happens to be our third real estate deal over the years. Each of those times we have engaged a Buyer’s Broker and have had excellent experiences in doing so. Naturally, we sought to work with a Buyer’s Broker again as we began thinking about purchasing an apartment in NYC, but had no idea if such a firm existed for this market. Luckily we found your company.

We had some question as to whether or not a Buyer’s Broker could live up to our other experiences, especially in what seems to be a cut-throat real estate market like NYC. Would we receive the same personalized attention? Could a Buyer’s Broker really help with the intricacies of a NYC transaction? Would a Buyer’s Broker even being interested in working within the neighborhood we desired and within our certain requirements?

Ben certainly proved that the answer to all of our questions was a resounding yes. Professional, courteous, and well-versed in the real estate process, Ben was a true partner for us every step of the way during our purchase. He listened to our requirements, did timely and relevant research, and presented us with a strong list of possibilities that matched all of our needs. He attended every viewing with us and made great recommendations on the properties, while maintaining the appropriate neutrality in our personal decision. It was clear he was there to support us.

During the offer process, Ben was the driving force behind the deal. He made sure all parties involved were acting appropriately and in a timely manner. When other parties may have been “dragging their heels,” Ben knew just how to approach the situation to get things moving again. Ben’s guidance, such as the recommendation for our Mortgage Broker, was very much appreciated and helped our deal go incredibly smoothly.

As we moved into the board interview phase, Ben’s execution of the board package and his advice on the interview was invaluable. He made us feel at ease about the entire process of purchasing a coop — a process that was completely new to us.

Simply put, we believe that the success of this deal is due in large part to Ben.

We would not hesitate to recommend Ben to anyone, or to use him again should be make another real estate purchase. In terms of a person representing your firm’s image and reputation, Ben couldn’t possibly have done a better job.


Dewey Moss & Todd Adams


Working with Gea and Elika Real Estate made setting up in New York that much easier, especially as we doing so via correspondence from Australia. Being a young family we wanted to avoid a sublet situation and then having to move again so we briefed Elika to find our new home. Gea listened to what we were after, provided numerous options and personally inspected up to a dozen properties on our behalf. From which he provided honest assessments, took additional photos and at one property (the one we ended up taking) even returned with a tape measure to ensure our furniture would fit. We have now been in our West Village home for 3 months and we couldn’t be happier. Therefore, i wholeheartedly recommend Gea and Elika Real Estate to anyone in a similar situation to ours. You won’t be disappointed.

Steven Thomson


Elika Associates have successfully found me two apartments in NYC, this is a highly professional business, very efficient and the transactions have been perfectly managed and will be our first choice for future real estate needs.

Richard Smiedt


Had a great experience with Elika. Gea spent many hours helping me find the perfect home. It was a seamless process and I would recommend Elika to anyone who is trying to find a home in NYC.

Alex Keating


I decided to purchase a condo as an investment property in New York. Living in Paris, I did a lot of homework…on the web. I was very lucky to read an article about Gea Elika in the Real Estate Section of the New York Times (.com), which gave me a great level of comfort to call him (I did not know which RE broker to call…and they are so numerous). From this day, I must say that I received a top quality service from Gea with a fantastic responsiveness. I cannot remember a mail I sent to Gea which was not replied within a few hours. I particularly appreciated Gea’s recommendations to help me to constitute my “dream team” (on top of the RE broker, I needed a RE lawyer, a mortgage broker, a tax advisor…), so that these highly qualified/focused professionals communicated flawlessly between them…as they knew each other very well. I just closed yesterday my acquisition in the Flatiron District and am now happy to use Elika Associates property management services. To make it short, Gea’s input/support was for me the key drive to achieve my objective…as I live 4000 miles away from NYC. I told Gea that I will introduce him to my relatives and French friends who are thinking about acquiring a condo in NY.

Guy L


Elika Associates provides amazing, personalized service for NYC real estate. I secured a lease for my apartment in NYC in early 2010 and am still living in the same apartment. The process by which Elika supported my search was the entire reason I found such a perfect fit for my lifestyle and personal preferences. I have since recommended them to every friend and acquaintance who is faced with the daunting task of navigating the NYC real estate market, for both rentals and sales.

Erin Maquire


I have lived in NYC all my life and have always found the process of looking for a place to live excruciating, that is until I met Gea and Megan. When I was finally ready to purchase my first apartment they found the perfect place for me within days. They handled every step of the process with professionalism and total regard for my best interests. Years later I couldn’t be happier with my choice of apartments or who I used to find it. I will ever use anyone else.

James Tate


I had the pleasure of working with Elika when I recently relocated to New York. Having never dealt with the New York real esate market before, I was extremely lucky to have Megan from Elika representing me. She found me the perfect apartment and was kind, patient, and professional throughout a process that would have been daunting without her. I would definitely recommend Elika to anyone looking to buy or rent an apartment in New York.

Reena Liebling


Joseph Colista, Associate Broker at Elika Associates, was an outstanding advocate for us in our recent purchase of a Brooklyn home. He worked with us to match our desired style of involvement, which for us meant finding some places on our own but asking Mr. Colista to provide suggestions as well. Our choices were treated with equal respect and interest to his own, which made the experience feel like a real partnership. When we had properties to view, Mr. Colista worked quickly to set up appointments to visit the properties in time slots that were convenient for us. He was always there, serving as liaison and guide, yet always with the respect that we were the ones looking for a new home. He was appropriate, professional, and just a really nice person with whom we explored a fun but somewhat anxious-making process of choosing and buying a new home. All the way through the closing day he was by our side, supporting our purchasing process wherever he could. He truly went the extra mile! We highly recommend Mr. Colista as a buyer’s broker without reservation. We hope we’re not moving again soon, but if we do we’ll be on the phone to this fabulous broker in a heartbeat!



I am writing you to express my gratitude and appreciation for all of Sara Yap’s help and what she did to make my relocation to Manhattan, NY from Atlanta, GA as smooth as possible. She was very efficient, patient, and knowledgeable in the New York real estate market. I was in need of an apartment in a limited amount of time and she was a great choice to assist with my search due to her honesty and professionalism. She followed the guidelines of my preferences and did not stray from my requests, and I was able to find a great apartment. She took her time to explain the various housing rules and laws and walked me through the leasing process step by step prior to making a final decision. This was extremely helpful as New York City’s housing market is unique when compared to many other metropolitan areas, and my father and I had numerous questions. My apartment search was over the Thanksgiving weekend, and Sara was kind enough to help my father and me during the busy holiday season. I am writing you as I am now settled into my new home and wanted to make sure that Sara was recognized for her tremendous efforts and kindness. She is an extreme asset to Elika Associates, and I will choose her in the future for any further housing needs.

Ashley Tavalario


I wanted to write a note of thanks for all you did for us in helping us purchase our first home. It was a long, difficult, and frustrating process for all of us, but you never let it show. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and we would enthusiastically recommend you to our friends.

In the end, it was worth those long hours at the closing. We truly love our home.

Tara Welty & Jeremy Kirkland


“Elika Associates were there for me every step of the way when I bought my first apartment. Nathan Lorenz Thomas quickly found a selection of properties that matched my desired area, personal needs and budget. On the very first day of apt viewing I found my dream home!

Nathan was always there to help swftly answer all of my questions and concerns. The closing went smoothly and I was able to move in early summer! Thanks again Nathan!”

Fiona McCormack


Just a note to thank your organization for doing such a wonderful job in guiding me through my recent search for an apartment in New York City.

I just closed in July and I could not be happier. I was especially lucky in being matched up with Sara – we hit it off instantly. She is not your run of the mill real estate agent in that she has a quirky sense of humor and tries to make the whole experience fun. She is tireless and we were in constant, night and day, contact by e mail – I have a home I am selling in Upstate New York so it was not always easy to coordinate. I always felt that she had my best interest at heart and that she truly cared. I appreciated her good humor and her willingness to go the extra mile.

She made the whole experience much easier than I had anticipated – one hears such horror stories! So thank you Sara Yap and Elika Associates – I will recommend you wholeheartedly without reservation.

Kopper Newman


Just wanted to let you know how helpful Sara Yap was in helping us find the right apartment for our daughter Sheila. Sara is friendly, perceptive and does not put any pressure on the customer to agree or disagree on a property shown. She worked with our budget limitations and helped us narrow down the search. We would unhesitatingly recommend her as a buyer’s agent to anyone looking to purchase or rent an apartment in Manhattan.

Sincerely, Dr and Mrs Prakash


I wanted to let you know how pleased my husband, Tom, and I are with Sara Yap. Sara was a pleasure to work with, well organized, a good listener and patient with us. We live on Long Island and had limited time to apartment shop together, she maximized every visit into the city, only showing us listings that met our needs, were within our budget and matched our desired location. I will recommend Sara, and your firm to anyone who asks for a recommendation. Thank you for helping us buy the perfect apartment!

Celia (and Tom) Bilfinger


Thank you for your support and help – it was a smooth process right through.



We like to thank you for everything you have done for us. Thank you for finding the perfect apartment and for keeping up with our endless calls and questions. Your are the sweetest realtor we have ever met and we appreciate what you did for our family. Please know that we couldn’t have asked for a better realtor and person to help us. Hopefully your company knows what a valuable person they have working there. We promise you that we will not let you down for representing us.

Also, I hope that you know that whenever we decide to buy an apartment in New York, we will definitely call YOU. Again, thank you for everything and please keep in touch. If you ever need anything please call us.

Lorena & Fernanda G.


Thank you also for all of your help throughout our purchasing process. Your time and expertise were much appreciated, and we were thoroughly impressed with your efforts on our behalf. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you, so please let us know if we can ever be helpful as a reference!

Cathy and Calvin


Yesterday my daughter and I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Megan McGinn. She had great energy and was very knowledgeable on the rental market. Over the last several weeks I had contacted many other brokers who would just not follow through, Megan did. Congrats for having her on your team.



We’re very happy so far, and really grateful to you for your time, patience with our incessant questions and fretting, and willingness to hold our hands through the whole ordeal. Thanks again, you’ve got ringing endorsements from us, if you ever need them! Hope you might have time to pay a visit and see what your hard work wrought.

Stephanie and Pratik Dave


“Thanks a bunch for all your time and hard work. We really appreciate that. Frankly you are the ONLY person who we can praise and trust. Thanks for communicating with us all the time and thanks in advance for arranging all the necessary steps to make sure this condo will be rented in time as well.”

Dr Charles Debrah


“Gea was fantastic. Hugely experienced and knowledgeable but totally unassuming and professional, he was a joy to deal with and made a potentially stressful time much easier. Clearly well connected he was able to show us a range of apartments, at short notice, in any part of the city we wanted to look at.He is consultative and engaging and, most importantly for us, ready with thoughts and advice but in a very relaxed and unassuming manner. The hard sell is not his style! We would always recommend Gea and his firm and wish we had the funds to go through the process again!”

Richard Buckingham – Great Britian


“Elika Associates is not only knowledgeable about the current real estate market but effective. Buying a home can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Elika Associates eases the process. They are efficient in showing appropriate apartments, and advocating for you. They listened to my personal preferences and needs and showed me exactly what each building had to offer to give me the life style I desired. You can be assured that when given a task to do it is competed in a timely fashion with maximum effort. The company is professional and personable at the same time. I have recommended their services and will continue to do so. They effectively guided me through the process of buying my first home and followed up far after closing to continue to ensure everything was properly taken care of. ”

Lise Coyle – New York


“As first time home buyers it was daunting entering the real estate market. It was great having an expert buyers agent on our side while navigating us through the market. Elika saved us so much time by doing all the work finding places that actually matched what we where looking for. Then, knowing the ropes, they found problems I would never have found on my own and when all was said and done they actually saved us money by finding exactly what we wanted at a lower price than I was originally hoping to pay. I highly recommend using a buyers agent.”

Shannon and Marty


“I would not buy a property without Gea Elika I have seen him do deals that I would not imagine possible.”

Michelle Moskowitz


“We entrusted Elika with the important task of finding our investment property. Have no doubt about securing Elika services.”

Martin Connely – Great Britain


“I highly recommend Elika for any matters regarding real estate negotiations. I was very impressed by their professionalism and results I would not consider any real estate transaction without them.”

Robert Mitchell – New York


“I decided to purchase an investment property in New York, but after many months I found the process of searching out of state daunting. Elika Associates were great, they have exceeded my highest expectations. They provided a professional personalized service that made the whole purchase straight forward and easy. They consulted my needs and provided a detailed market report of properties which best met my needs. I then visited New York and narrowed down my search. After contemplating numerous properties they advised me of the best option for me are completed my purchase within my desired timeframe.

Debbie Gordon


“Your expertise on my side was a real advantage and this was demonstrated beyond doubt when purchasing my new home.. I recommend you to anyone who is considering buying in New York. Thank you very much for helping me. Without your help I would never have achieved my goal.”

Ashley Brent


“Thank you for your efforts with negotiating and securing our home at the price we wanted. We will be looking for another property soon and will utilize your services again – thank you.”

Brad K


“We wanted to thank you helping us find our dream home. Living and working in London and being second homebuyers we were very concerned about our ability to buy a home in New York. Your expertise in guiding us through the buying process was much appreciated. Thank you for making the complex seem simple. We really appreciate the way our negotiation was handled with flair, utmost integrity and most importantly achieving a much better result than was expected.

Nickolas Mathews – UK


We highly recommend your service, especially for anyone living overseas who wants an expert buyers agent in New York with exceptional real estate knowledge and a local know how.”

Adam Chase – Australia


“Your professionalism and commitment to my purchase was much appreciated. I thank you so much.”

Sally Fox


“We had been trying to buy a New York apartment that we loved for many months but to no avail. We contacted Elika because you had been recommended for being an excellent broker. Thank you for helping us find our new home.

Kerry Andrews


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