In case you didn’t know, Brooklyn is the most talked about borough nowadays. A destination for delicious eats and one-of-a-kind shops, Brooklyn exudes a charming small-town vibe that most New Yorkers long for.

Its streets have become the setting for television shows like Girls, Younger, and Boardwalk Empire, and real estate prices have passed those in some Manhattan neighborhoods. It’s no surprise that hipsters have a burning desire to call Brooklyn home, but, believe it or not, more parents are choosing the borough to raise their kids too.

These five neighborhoods are logical choices based on things like crime, space, location, and amenities. Consider one of the following areas if you have children but aren’t yet ready to hike to the burbs, or if a little one is in your near future.

1. Ditmas Park

If your budget permits, Ditmas Park is known for its huge Victorian houses, but the area also offers apartment-housing options with lower price tags. Family-friendly businesses, 23 schools, and stroller-ready sidewalks are just a few reasons why moms and dads should consider this Brooklyn nabe.

2. Park Slope

Probably one of the most popular and pricey choices for families, Park Slope is like its little town in the middle of Brooklyn. Live here, and Prospect Park is outside your door –– how perfect for tossing ball or biking with the kids on weekends. Park Slope has 19 schools, and 27 percent of the people who live in the enclave are family units. And if you’re not parents yet, you can hang out and look cool on your stoop until the big day arrives.

3. Brooklyn Heights

With one of the lowest crime rates in the city and a picturesque streetscape –– although upscale in feel and price –– Brooklyn Heights is a dream come true for families who prefer to remain in the city and escape suburban life. Choose from 30 schools and myriad subway lines into Manhattan. And, of course, spacious and beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park is ideal for families who tend to gravitate to outdoor activities.

4. Carroll Gardens

One of the prettiest neighborhoods in all of Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens is characterized by gorgeous brownstones, Smith Street restaurants, and its green space. Much of the housing stock lies in townhomes, however, so be prepared to fork over some cash for an entire house, or live in a floor-through, which will more than likely have a shotgun layout. About twenty percent of its residents are families, and the median price is well over 4,000 per month for rent.

5. Windsor Terrace

Probably the sleeper on this list, Windsor Terrace doesn’t have the number of schools as other neighborhoods, but it boasts District 15, one of the most competitive elementary schools in NYC. With a healthy selection of three and four-bedroom apartments at lower prices than Park Slope, a low crime rate, and its proximity to Prospect Park, it’s easy for one to see how parents would choose this area to raise a family. On the downside, the area encompasses only about a 20-block radius, so the hunt for available real estate can be a long one.


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