Raising a family in NYC certainly can be hectic. Many feel it’s a terrible idea, often citing the lack of space and scarcity of greenery. However, for a lot of New Yorker’s they wouldn’t have it any other way. Living in the city has many benefits, benefits which are lost out on by a move to the ‘burbs.’ If you still have doubts about raising children in NYC then read on to see why we think it’s one of the best places around.

1. It has some of the best museums in the world

New York has a plethora of museums, a few of which are some of the finest in the world. By their mid-teens, most city kids will be very familiar with the exhibits and layouts of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History and the Morgan Library and Museum to name just a few. The cultural value of this to a growing child is hard to imagine.

2. Beautiful city parks that double as backyards

It may be known as a concrete jungle but New York is far from short on green spaces. Suburban kids might have backyards but city kids have dozens of scenic parks to choose from. Each one is different in its own way and more often than not you’ll find something going on there most days of the week.

3. Less commute time means more time with your kids

Living in metropolitan New York means less commute time between work, home, and school. Many families in the suburbs usually only see their kids on the weekend because of the long commute times. Living in the city means you never have to get far which is even better if the rest of the extended family is also living there.

4. There’s more diversity

Approximately 37% of the NYC’s population is foreign-born. Adding to that you’ve got the countless millions who are descended from earlier immigrants. Such a melting pot creates incredible diversity which makes kids growing up there more worldly and well-rounded. Not to be overlooked either is the varied number of cuisines that can be found all over the city.

5. It has some of the best doctors and medical facilities in the country

If your child gets sick in NYC it’s a prescription for some of the best medical care in the country. The city has three hospitals that are ranked among the top 20 in the country. That’s one more than any other city. Even if you never have to call on those services it’s comforting to know they are there.

6. It’s a 24/7 city, even for kids

Being a parent is a 24/7 job, making a city that runs 24/7 a lot more convenient. You don’t even have to leave your home for groceries thanks to FreshDirect. For diapers and other baby supplies, Diaperkind has you covered. If you need food delivered at any time of the day or night the local diner can take care of it. There are now even delivery services that specialize in allergy-sensitive and organic baby food.

How to Find Space for a Family in NYC

While many city dwellers head for the ‘burbs when they decide to expand their family, many opt to stay and raise a family in the city. Surrounded by diverse neighbors and cultural advantages, from Broadway to exhibits at the Met to a wealth of ethnic restaurants, it is completely possible to raise a family in the city; you just have to know where to look.
Admittedly, finding enough space for a family in Manhattan is a little tricky. But you compromise on things like big backyards for the local parks that dot each neighborhood and give kids the freedom to run—and no mowing the lawn required. Families tend to flock to the city’s Upper East Side, where there are a lot of public and private schools.
However, the biggest issue for the average family living in NYC is finding space. To this end, several blogs can provide great advice on making the most of an NYC apartment so that you have plenty of space for parents and kids and all the accouterments.

Here are a few things to consider as you look for a home

A larger room can be separated into more using temporary walls. There are companies that provide these services, and the fee usually includes an eventual removal fee. For some families, you may not need a full out entirely separated room, just a little definition. In these cases, you can use screens or bookcases to divide a space. Bookcases as dividers also provide extra storage space.
Look for furniture pieces that do double duty as storage units. Some companies design especially with apartment living in mind and make pieces that can be folded or compacted to make more room. Beds, tables, and even dressers can be compacted and may do double duty.
Make room under the bed. Conventional beds can often be raised enough to place drawers underneath them, while kids rooms can use bunk beds and high rise beds under which you can place the rest of the room’s furnishings, such as a desk and dresser. In the living room, look for furniture that is also storage friendly, like an ottoman/storage unit or even a coffee table with shelving beneath it.
Even the backs of doors can double as more space. Hang a shoe rack on the back of the door, but you don’t have to fill it with shoes. You can stuff everything from stray toys to T-shirts in the convenient compartments, to keep your small space organized.
Organize everything. From the kitchen to the bedroom, fill trays and bowls with things you use the most, like keys and even jewelry. This way there will be no stray clutter making the place smaller and you’ll save time getting ready in the morning with no frantic searching for stuff.


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