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Brooklyn has experienced incredible growth and change in the recent years. From hosting a local postmodern art revival to being the place where new businesses and tech startups choose to take root, this borough has been undergoing a genesis that has made it one of the most desirable places to live in New York. As a result, it is now one of the most populated and diverse boroughs. Brooklyn neighbors Queens and Long Island, making it possible to see an incredible city skyline from its shores. When you live here, you are just a ferry ride or subway stop away from reaching other parts of the city, making travel and commuting to work conveniently.

Brooklyn: A True Melting Pot

Brooklyn embraces diversity, as evidenced by the motto of its seal and flag — Eendraght Maeckt Maght — which translates to “unity makes strength.” The residents of Brooklyn are from all walks of life and many parts of the world and are proud to call Brooklyn their home. Many nationalities, faiths, and ethnicities are represented here, from the Jewish American community that is over 600,000 strong, to the many Latinos who have set up successful businesses in the area. The wealth of cultural exchange is priceless: Brooklyn offers the unique ability to taste the authentic cuisines of many countries in a single place.

There’s Something for Everyone


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Brooklyn can appeal to people of many interests in any stage of life — whether you want a morning jog in Brooklyn Bridge Park, to walk the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, or to attend lively sporting events. Among its iconic locations is the historic Coney Island that still draws in thousands of visitors since its heyday in the 20th century. Brooklyn residents can also take it easy at a Brooklyn Cyclones game at the newly revamped MCU Park baseball stadium. Other memorable landmarks include the Brooklyn Borough Hall which emulates the sophistication of neoclassical architecture, while the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Arch recalls the majestic arches of ancient Rome. And finally, you can’t talk about landmarks without mentioning the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge, which connects residents of Brooklyn to Manhattan. By making it possible to travel by car over the East River into the city, this bridge is not only an impressive piece of architecture, but it is one of New York’s main arterials for daily traffic and commerce.



Other Perks of Brooklyn

Though living in New York is not cheap, apartments and property values in Brooklyn are more affordable than what you can find in Manhattan and other boroughs. On top of this, there are currently nine subway lines that run through Brooklyn, and they can take you nearly anywhere in the city.


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If you are looking for a neighborhood that is rich in history and is undergoing exciting growth and evolution, then Brooklyn is for you. Living there situates you near the excitement of the city in an incredible community where you can take in sights and have experiences that are difficult to find elsewhere.


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