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New York City is a fun and exciting place to live, but it’s also expensive. Once you’ve found the perfect apartment, take a look at these five ways to decorate it on a budget to make it feel like home.

Make the Character your NYC Apartment Stand Out

New York City has an eclectic mix of apartments. There’s everything from 100-year-old apartment buildings to newer, high-rise complexes with micro-units. Older apartments are fun to decorate because of their built-in charm. Find charming features in your apartment and make them stand out. For instance, pick up a vintage wrought iron screen at a flea market for a Victorian fireplace, or strategically place existing furniture to show off hand-carved elements. If you’re living in a micro-unit, add a charm of your own with inexpensive artwork and small objects.


Image via Flickr by Jack Bricker

Decorate with Items that Show Off Your Personality


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People in New York City are just as diverse as the apartments. Show off your unique personality and style with decorative and custom items. For instance, if you like vintage or reclaimed items, find them at Furnish Green on Broadway at affordable prices. Demolition Depot in the Harlem district is another inexpensive place to look. One of the best ways to show off your personality is through artwork. Buy pieces while you’re traveling and hang them to create talking points in your apartment.

Maximize Your Storage Space


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Finding an affordable apartment that is more than one room is tricky in New York City. Be creative with storage to maximize your living space. Of course, having small square footage doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. Decorate with light and bright colors to make space feel bigger, and buy multifunctional furniture that has built-in storage to save both money and space.

Use Furniture to Scale


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Small apartments call for small furniture so the scale looks right. It doesn’t make sense to have a huge sofa that takes up half the room. If you have short ceilings and small square footage, buy furniture that is low to the ground. If you have tight hallways and doors, buy small furniture so you don’t have issues fitting it through the door or up a winding staircase. You can also swap out that chunky nightstand for something smaller and more functional and find a smaller dining table. As an added bonus, small furniture usually costs less.

Add Curves and Soft Elements



Della Robbia Eaton Sofa via Rico

Make your apartment feel cozy and comfortable by adding curvy furniture and soft rugs, pillows, and curtains. Choose cheerful or soothing colors, depending on your preference. IKEA, Crate & Barrel, CB2, ABC Carpet & Home Warehouse Outlet, Annex Antique Fair & Flea Market, Rico, The Green House and The Future Perfect are all great stores to find unique, budget-friendly pieces.

These are just a few ideas for decorating your NYC apartment, and they can all be done without spending a fortune.


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