It would be great to afford an original Rothko, as opposed to the print, but our desires and our budgets are not always in alignment. But what if you just happened to have more money than you could ever spend? And what if you also just happened to need brand new bedroom furnishings? Well, you’d definitely have some options when entering the marketplace, including the most luxurious and costly products in the world. So whether you’re an eccentric billionaire looking for indulgent bedroom decor inspiration, or you’re just curious about the trappings of excess, here it is the world’s most expensive bedroom.

Bed: $6.3 Million

You would have to begin with the bedframe, the literal framework upon which your slumber depends. On price alone you should opt for the “Baldacchino Supreme” – a handmade bed made of ash, chestnut and cherry wood, draped in 236 lbs of 24-carat gold. If you’d like, you can also have your choice of diamond or other precious stone inlays on the headboard. Designer Stuart Hughes, known for dripping everyday objects in precious metals, takes his craft to another level here, pricing his limited edition bed at a cool $6.3 Million.

Mattress: $150,000

After that, you’ll certainly want to find your mattress. If you’ve already spent a night in one of the Swedish Royal Palaces, then you’ll already know about Hästens. Crafting mattresses from horse hair, cotton, wool, flax, mohair, pine, and carefully calibrated springs since 1852, Hästens makes “the greatest bed in the world.” It’s no wonder then that their top-of-the-line Vividus model costs up to $150,000.

Image courtesy of Hästens

Pillow: $56,995

Now you’ll surely be wanting your goldilocks pillow – not too soft or firm. Thanks to Dutch physical therapist Thijs van der Hilst, your search just got much easier. Using an algorithm that sculpts (with the aid of 3D imaging and printing technologies) the pillow that is perfectly made for your body and sleeping style. It’s even coated with a gold fabric that expels radiation and acts a natural cooling agent. And you can experience this hyper-customized bliss for a mere $56,995.


Image courtesy of Thijs van der Hilst

Sheets: $2,670

When you do finally stretch out, your sheets are your primary point of contact, so surely they should also be the best that money can buy. Italian luxury fashion brand Fendi understands. Through their Fendi Casa imprint, they produce a Royal Egyptian cotton sheet set, for the “ultimate in luxury.” It will only cost you $2,670 at Saks 5th Avenue.


Image courtesy of Saks 5th Avenue

Duvet: $16,115

Of course, you can’t sink into your sheets like you would a plush down comforter, which you will need. Matouk, literally, has you covered. The Matouk Edelweiss Silk King Comforter is comprised of 95% sustainably harvested Icelandic eiderdown. When these Nordic ducks naturally shed their feathers, they’re carefully collected and wrapped in silk, so you can rest comfortably, and for only $16,115.

Image courtesy of Matouk Edelweiss

Night Tables: $47,450

Of course, a bedroom is not only a place to sleep but a place to relax, unwind, maybe even get lost in a book. But you can’t go about putting your novel on the floor next to your gilded bed – that wouldn’t be right, would it? You’d need a pair of dignified, quite expensive night tables to match. In today’s market, the most expensive and pedigreed night tables are likely to be antiques, like this semi-pair of French 19th Century Louis XV Style Marquetry and Gilt-Bronze Commodes, currently on offer at 1stdibs for a very reasonable $47,450. The perfect resting places for that Flaubert, Proust, or even your café au lait.

Table Lamps: $4.3 Million

But if you are going to read in bed, and perhaps sip a soothing beverage, what are the odds that you’ll have the opportunity to do so in the daylight? That’s right, you’re going to need a table lamp. But not just any table lamp. You’ll be needing the finest, the most sought-after table lamp in the world, as well as at least 2.8 million dollars. At least that’s how much the Pink Lotus lamp, crafted by Tiffany Studios, traded for at a Christie’s auction in 1997 (it may fetch a higher price on the auction block today). Commissioned as a one-off for the Wrigley Family in 1905, this bronze-based beauty boasts a shade of 2000 individual glass pieces, meticulously soldered together to form 8 interlocking lotuses. Nightstand number two would necessarily need another type of Tiffany lamp, and for that, you should probably pursue the Tiffany Studios’ Wisteria lamp, the second most expensive table lamp ever sold, for a sensible $1.5M.

It should be noted that the above items cover the basics, the essentials on your journey down the road of unprecedented comforts. In the world’s most luxurious bedroom you may also choose to spend your some of your boundless wealth on a chandelier, a Persian rug, Fine Art, an antique vanity, a meticulously hand carved armoire, one or more famous designer chairs, and more. Not to mention your custom closets, the fine clothing therein, and the beautiful bounty of finery that you could fill a master bathroom with. First things first, as they say.
But in terms of your hypothetical bedroom, as is, you’ve done quite well. At the end of the day, when glancing casually at the final bill, you’ve managed to invest a total $10,873,230 in your own comfort, sleep, and peace of mind. So all in all, money well spent.


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