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Moving to New York City? Don’t settle with a neighborhood you don’t enjoy looking at. Instead, consider purchasing or renting in one of these beautiful neighborhoods.

1. Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights made Travel and Leisure’s list of America’s most beautiful neighborhoods, and TripAdvisor even has an entire page dedicated to Brooklyn Heights, calling it “New York’s Most Beautiful Neighborhood.” It rightly earns the title.

With the iconic Brooklyn Bridge adding to the neighborhood’s beauty, it’s a fabulous neighborhood to enjoy day and night. The brownstone buildings and leafy green streets take you on a journey that will amaze you. Simply walk through the streets for a stunning New York City view, or consider moving to the area where you can look out your window and enjoy the trees.

2. Riverdale

Due to its many parks, Riverdale delivers a range of beautiful scenes. Riverdale Park, for instance, offers a spectacular view of the Hudson and walking trails that take you through trees where nature truly envelopes you.
You can also visit the Wave Hill public gardens to see the flowers in blossom or to watch the birds. However, even if you’re not strolling one of the parks, the neighborhood is still beautiful with high-end homes lining the streets to give it a clean, quiet ambiance. In addition, it’s just a 15-minute taxi ride to Times Square, so you’re not too far from anything.

3. Upper East Side

If beautiful architecture is more your thing, then you’ll have a blast strolling the streets of the Upper East Side and marveling in the stunning apartment buildings. Other architectural wonders run along the “Museum Mile,” home to buildings like the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There’s easy access to Central Park, so if you’re still captivated by nature, you’ll be able to enjoy this spectacle next door.

The only issue with the Upper East Side is that housing is some of the most expensive in the United States. Homes on the Upper East Side sell for an average of $975,000.

4. Gramercy Park

Known as the “Greenest Neighborhood in Manhattan,” Gramercy Park is a stunning area to settle. It’s not just the ratio of trees to buildings or the rows of green bushes that captivate onlookers, but the Victorian-styled homes give architectural-lovers something to fall in love with.

While the park that sits in the center of the neighborhood is private, in fact, it’s the only private park in Manhattan, the homes are still a sight to see. However, you can’t expect this beauty to come at a low price. Here, you might find a two-bedroom condo for $6,500 per month.

New York City is arguably one of the prettiest cities in the world. In fact, the Huffington Post puts it on their list of the 43 Prettiest Cities in the World. But that doesn’t mean every area of the city is as gorgeous as the next. These four neighborhoods help narrow down the best places to visit or move to if you’re looking for beauty in New York City.


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